Do Veiled Eat Fruits or Veggies?

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by keecoi, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. keecoi

    keecoi New Member

    ahmmm... lemme see... Strawberries....CHECK!




    How Bout Ficus? Yeah, I Know. Time to Get The other Ficus.:D
  2. Eyal

    Eyal New Member

    Mine loooooooves strawberry, but im not giving that much... mine doesnt eat veggies. :) only lemon tree leaves
  3. Rocky

    Rocky Established Member

    how do you give him strawberries. I dont cup feed mine. He seems to like to run around and hunt the crickets, but i may put a cup in there to start him on some strawberries or grapes or something like that
  4. BocaJan

    BocaJan New Member

    Of my 4 veilds, my male won't touch anything that doesn't move, one female will only eat strawberries, one female likes to throw the kale out of the bowl then poop in the bowl and the other female will ravage all the kale.
  5. Her eyes sorta seem sunken... do ya think she is eating all the veggies for water? How often do you mist? She also seems a bit thin. What else do you feed her?
  6. keecoi

    keecoi New Member

    oh...I mist her plenty. She's just stretch out is all. I feed her all sort of feeder that I can get my hands on. Supers,Goliath,cricket,wax,fruits,and veggies. I'm just happy that she's not a picky water.

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