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well last night i was talking to a friend and this came up and i need to make a new one so i thought i would so you guys how i make my cricket duster

step#1 you need 2 cups that fit inside of each other and have lids
(i get mine from 7-11 cause they are free)

step#2 you need to cut out the bottom but leave room for the screen


step#3 cut a circle out of the screen to fit the bottom of the cup (same kind of screen that all of are cages are made of)

step#4 cut the left over plastic in to strips and melt them on to the screen like your welding to hold the screen to the cup

!* make sure you go the hole way around and have a good seal and the crickets cant fall out

step#5 put a small amount of you rept cal and herptvite in the cup that dose not have the screen on the bottom

and add crickets(make sure to put the lid on) and shake away when done pull the cup with the crickets half way out and shake any lose dust off crickets and feed you chams!!!!!!!

in the past i have taped,glued and tried other stuff but this seems to work good for me tell me what you think and feel free to ask anything if you need to
thanks:D brian wieland:D
That's a brilliant idea! I just use a plain old sandwich bag though - it's much less effort!! :D I only dust a few feeders at a time but your invention would be good for dusting larger quantities.
Thats pretty much exactly what I do except I use deli cups instead of big gulps so they double as feeding cups in the cage after the feeders are dusted.
well i got the idea from the ones at the pet stores you can buy i just like to look at thing and see how i can make them myself it works so well and when the crickets are done just a light dusting but if you put to much in its way to much on the crickets but just try and you can find what works for you
It actually works awesome. For those that cup feed it is really convenient and easy to make. I use hot glue for the screen but I can't complain. Water does not collect in the bottom of it from the mister and the chams get a good visual of the feeders from anywhere in the cage.
That is more work then I do. I take a plastic cup, put some calcium in the bottom, add my feeders, put my hand over the top and wiggle and jiggle and shake shake shake. They get enough calcium on them to then feed off. They come running out of the cup right into the cage. I then have enough calcium to do another batch for my next cham. Since I have 4 adults I use this method and it works great. I take extra care with my 5 month old ambilobe's feeders since they are smaller so they get done separately.
this what I 've been using,it comes ready made,and works great!Well its simply a Martini shaker.


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