Do I have the right calcium’s?


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Can someone look to make sure I have the right calciums I need for my chameleon. Please and thanks.


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So you want calcium without d3, calcium with d3, and a multivitamin without d3. The only thing I see is you have a multivitamin with d3 which you dont want since you have calcium with d3 in it already.


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Does the repticalcium say “without D3”? If it does then that and the reptivite with D3 is all you need. What kind of Cham do you have?


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Hi. :) You only need 2 of those...the Zoo Med Repti Calcium and the Reptivite. Those are the same ones I use. You’ll use the Repti Calcium (it says without D3) at every feeding except one every other week. For that one feeding, you’ll use the ReptiVite, which does have D3 and also is a multivitamin.
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