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I had posted on here before ( labeled I need help) about my faucker and his eye condition. I took him to a vet, got some eye drops and soon he was all better. But in the last few days, two to be exact, he has looked different. Better yet he is acting different. He never was the extremely active type, but now he is a bit lazier. He sleeps alot, and spends most of his day in one spot hanging upside down unless he is eating or drinking. I just got a little worried. His setup is still exactly the same as last time. 65 gallon screen enlosure, plenty of plants and humidity, regulated temp., he's a Jacksons for those of you that don't know. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be the problem.
There could be a problem if he is hanging upside down like you described. Hard to say without further info what the causes may be. Any signs of dehydration or swelling? What kind of tests did your vet run the last time you were there?
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I don't know Herbie hangs up side down sometimes, He seems to enjoy it. Inever though it being a sign of problems. he will cup his front hands which makes him look like he's praying. :p
Avet suggested to me that Herbie may need to have his sinus passage flushed. She said sometime they get blocked. that could be why he is hanging up side down. Is there any kind of discarge or crusties around his nostrols? Just a shot in the dark.
I just wanted to ask if the is geting beta caroltin in his diet. Herbie wasn't and I have for it helping it really big ways.
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I don't see any signs of dehydration, or any swelling. He still eats and drinks normally, he just isn't active anymore. When i took him to the vet they gave him a full physical, the checked his bm, they drew some blood, the checked his eyes and reflexes all that and he said that other than the conjuctivitis he had he was in perfect health. As for that beta carotine stuff, I don't know what it is soI'm pretty sure that I'm not giving it to him. Give me more info please.
He sleeps a lot (sleeping during the day is NEVER a good sign) and hangs upside down (presumably this is recent behaviour?). Sorry but this sounds like a medical emergency to me. My own Jacksons Meru chameleon died last year shortly after acting in this same way, ie sleeping during the day and hanging upside down from a branch. :(
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Beta- Carotene is the digestable form of vitamin A for chams. There has been a lot of debate about it's uses from what I can understand. so many multi-vitamins do not carry it.

Herbie has had major health and eye problem all his life. A vet recently suggested he had a vitamin A defeciency and that his eye problems were a symptom of it. I check out his vitamins and there was no Vitamin A. So I went out and bought HerpCare Multi-vitamin with Beta-carotene. I have seen major improvements in his eyes, weight, energy, and edemas (abnormal swelling)

If you'd like, look at my post- Swollen Veil, Eyes, and Glands. there is an artical you can read on Vitamin A. I know your cham isn't having the same symptoms but it may help. I hope he feels better soon.
I took Faucker to the vet today

I took faucker to the vet today and boy was it frustrating. I take him to a cet where they specialize in avian and exotic animals because I wouldn't trust to take him to a cat and dog vet. Well they looked him over and they couldn't pinpoint exactly what is wrong with him. they wanted to keep him for three days or so to run tests and x-rays and stuff but it would have run me about $850 which is a months rent, and I really can't afford it. I feel horrible that I couldn't have him stay there. Instead I had them hydrate him, and give him a vitamin A shot and some mild antibiotics which still ran me a pretty penny. I guess I'm just going to have to be super vigilant and careful about everything that he does now.
Sorry to hear about your trip to the vet. It sounds like you are really trying and are not receiving the help you deserve. It must be very frustrating to spend the money and time to take your cham to the vet and not receive any truly helpful answers:mad:. Is he still hanging upside down most of the day and acting lethargic? I hate to second guess a certified veterinarian, but Fauker's symptoms do not seem normal. Chamgirl mentioned yesterday that she recognized the pattern as a sharp decline in health; I too have seen this pattern. Did your vet say why they gave the vitamin-A shot? From the reading I have done you would only give a vitamin-A shot for specific reasons. Again, I am not trained to diagnose or treat animals of any kind, so I could very well be wrong.

Are you sure your setup is correct? If you list all your details maybe we can find something that is contributing to the problem: [THREAD=66]setup details[/THREAD]. This thread made me realize that this forum needs a 'chameleon journal' of sorts so people do not have to repeatedly list their setup/cham details. Coming soon;)

If anyone is familiar with the veterinarian industry, I would love to know how the consultation system works. I have seen consultation fees on a vet bill and talked to them about it. I wonder if there are any vet/herpetologist consultants who have a lot of experience with chams that we could refer to our local vet(s).
Thanks for the help and support guys I really appreciate it. Well yesterday after all those injections Faucker was just pertty upset for the rest of the day and refused to move from his branch for any reason. He wasn't upside down but he was very dark colored. I saw him drinking this morning before I left to work, so I know he's not doing terribly worse. I'm gonna spend some extra time monitoring him this afternoon.

As for the shot, they actually gave him that one and calcium supposedly just to be cautious if he has any deficiency.

His setup is a 65 gallon screen reptarium, spanish moss on the bottom, I keep the day time temp at about 82 degrees and 72 at night, I spray the enclosure about 3 to 4 times a day for humidity, I have a combination of silk and plastic plants in there, and a few branches for climbing, I still don't have a humidity gauge so I wouldn't be able to give you the exact numbers on it. Anything else? anything wrong here?
Misting a few times a day might not be providing the humidity levels your cham needs. I would try to get a humidity gauge as soon as possible. How old is Fauker. What do you use to dust your feeders and how often?
He is a year and a half old. I've been meaning to get the humidity gauge for him for some time now, but whenever I have money and time the pet store "just ran out"....bums.

I gut load his crickets with carrots, spinach, and potatoes, and I dust them with repto-cal. But I usually feed him silkworms with some waxworms thrown in every few weeks as a treat.
You need to be careful gutloading with many carrots. In some species of chameleons, it can lead to edema. Secondly, spinach is a terrible gutload. It has enzymes that block calcium absorption. Finally, potatoes aren't very nutritious either. Consider this make your own gutload recipe: If you decide to purchase your own, premade dry gutload (you'll still need to add wet gutload food), read this article and be an informed consumer, ask questions about the gutload you're buying:

Well I used to feed the crickets dry gutload but they wouldn't touch the stuff so a friend of mine who's a bearded dragon breeder told me to put those veggies in there instead. I figured it was sound advice because he's been breeding beardies for 5 years now with no health problems whatsoever. Hmmm.
Try the dry gutload from I've yet to find one that the crickets eat as fast and its based on sound research into nutrition. You'll still need to add moisture in the form of various leafy greens and orange slices, etc., but it will ensure better nutrition.

Thanks for the link Chris. I might try the wer gutload next.

aeris: I am not familiar with repto-cal. Is that a calcium or vitamin supplement? Also, how often are you using it? Once your chameleon is an adult, it does not need as much calcium.
Repto-cal is a calcium supplement. I jsut lightly dust crickets with it one day a week. I mostly feed him silkies but once a week I give him crickets with an odd waxie thrown in.
You might want to add some vitamin/mineral supplements once or twice a month. It will not replace the need for properly gutloading your feeders, but would help take care of the nutrients your cham may not be getting from thefeeders.

I use the following:

Calcium: Rep-Cal Calcium with D3 - Ultrafine powder
Vitamins: Rep-Cal Herptivite Multivitamin with Beta Carotene
Minerals: Sticky Tongue Farms Miner-ALL 'O'
I'm so sad

My dear Faucker passed away yesterday while I was at work. I'm gonna miss him so much, especially since he was the one to get me interested in herps to begin with. I can't begin to express how awful I feel. In a small way I'm glad, however, it drove me crazy to see how sick he was and not have the ability to do anything about it. My fiance buried him before I got home to try to minimize the shock but I think that made it worse because I never got to say goodbye. I still feel like I'll come home and he'll be right there by the door waiting for me to feed him.
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