Do Chameleons Hear?

You asked if chameleons can hear...yes. Some detect vibrational sounds and some do produce vibrations which may or may not be heard.

Here are some sites with information...
"There is some evidence that some (or possibly all) true chameleons produce very low-wave sounds that may be used to communicate."
"The chameleons, of those species studied thus far, have only a few sensory hair cells (40 to 50) in the auditory papilla."

Chameleons hooting...

The hearing of several different species of chameleon has also been studied and differences in the hearing mechanisms found in the different species.


mine buzzes at me with about the same force as my cellphone vibrating

Though I've never had much faith in the "For Dummies" series
i would say that there hearing is nominal. my roommate has 500watt paradigm system. it shakes things off the wall, Morken doesn't seem to be bothered by the overall sound or even massive vibration. unless he is sleeping that seems to make him react. even then he just moves to a part of enclosure that is not near wall. then he goes back to sleep mode. on the other hand we have a door that squeeks real bad that he seems to hear whenever it opens. so i would have to say they can hear some frequencys.
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