DIY Zoo-like tutorials


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I thought I'd share this link that I just found. It is for all you DIY'ers. I've been looking for products on how to sculpt artificial trees rocks, etc. And now I found the perfect product to do it with. Check it out. They use it at all the major zoos. Now I gotta save my money so I can create the ultimate free range enclosure. I think I'm gonna sculpt a giant jungle tree for the living room and put a mellers on it.
They don't sell tutorials. They just sell the products used in the tutorials. You'll know that it is safe for animals. I'm gonna buy a little bit and sculpt a cool feeder dish to try it out.
I have looked into this before. My real problem is that I cannot paint that well. I think I would just end up with bad looking decorations.
The painting part is easier than you think. It is not like painting a picture on canvas. Painting a sculpture is totally different. You just need to know the different techniques. If your intrested in learning, you should research model railroad, model cars, model figure painting techniques. The main technique is called dry brushing. (Very easy). Once I get some of the stuff, maybe I'll post a step by step tutorial on how to make a feeder dish and a rocks or something like that.
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