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Well I just ordered 4 new fixtures from Diy for some new additions I have coming. If anyone is looking for nice dual bulb flourescent fixtures then Diy is the place to go. And yes, I know you can buy cheaper units at HD or Lowes. The reason I like the Diy fixtures is that they have the built in reflectors and independent control via dual toggle switches for each bulb. I personally hate the aluminum foil reflectors. I like a streamlined oem look to my cages. And aluminum foil hanging out of the lights just bugs the hell outta me. Jmpo:cool:
I'd like to see that research. Post that info. I dont see how foil could possibly be a better option than an aluminum reflector. (its alumnium foil after all)

It wouldnt be very hard to put a high polish to those reflectors if the person wanted too. All it would take is some sandpaper and a dremel tool to polish that reflector to a mirror like finish.;) Personally i thinnk they reflect enuff for the size enclosure I'm using them on.
I use the 4 foot fixtures from Lowes. They are black and look pretty damn nice with black screened cages if you ask me. 12$ is a pretty good price too! I have never used fixtures with reflectors or aluminum to reflect. I have had no problems not using those either. I wouldnt be worried about it either;)

What are you getting TPM?:)
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