distilled water

We have used bottled water and tap water with no ill effects... I have always been told not to use distilled water for reptiles. It lacks valuable minerals essential for proper nutrition in reptiles, its essentially water with nothing in it.

Maybe a more experienced cham owner or one of the breeders can comment further on that?

Just so you know:
The FDA requires all bottled water to be chlorinated.
The chlorine is neutralized with a product like the ones we use for
fish keeping.
There is no untreated water really available to us.
I believe the best way to neutralize chlorine is through aeration.
Most of it dissipates when sent through a mister or misting bottle, even when dripping into the enclosure a percentage of the chlorine escapes from the water.
Unless you have really horrible rusty pipes, the water that comes out of your faucet is probably the best available.

Just so you know:
The FDA requires all bottled water to be chlorinated.

Sorry Brad, but that bit of information is just plain incorrect.

Here are a couple quotes taken directly off the FDA web site about bottled water,
" Bottlers of all types of waters typically use ozone gas, an antimicrobial agent, to disinfect the water instead of chlorine, since chlorine can leave residual taste and odor to the water. " Taken from this page
"Also, some states have regulations that differ from FDA's in content or coverage. For example, Texas requires water haulers transporting water in a tank truck or trailer to maintain a minimum chlorine residual of 0.5 mg/L in the water, whereas FDA does not have any specific regulations requiring chlorination of water." Taken from this page.
I stand corrected.
My information was from the water treatment plant in Denver, and I considered this a valid source without doing any further research.
I still maintain, however, that water from the tap is completely safe for chameleons and that, regardless of the FDA regulations, there are bottled water companies that treat their product in the way I originally described.
Further, although it is true that the FDA does not require that chlorine be added/included in bottled water, it is also true that some bottled water has been chlorinated and had the chemical removed.
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Additionally 25% of all bottled water comes from a municipal source (tap water) and the chlorine, flouride and other chemicals are removed through a process of reverse osmosis. The company is not required to inform the consumer that the water is from a municipal source if this purification takes place. Check EPA regulations on bottled water.

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