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I was moving my Discoid roach colony into a larger container and had shaken them off the egg flats in to a tall container to contain them until I could get the stragglers out of the smaller container. I got side-tracked and let them sit for about 45 minutes, and when I entered the room again I could hear them rustling in the container. I thought that was strange, as I had also put Dubias into another container, and there was no noise or movement in their holding container. I slid the Discoid container over to my chair, and the movement and noise increased. I slid the Dubia container and they barely moved.

The Discoids offer TWICE the movement of the Dubias for more strikes from chameleons, They don't climb smooth surfaces, they are set up in the same way Dubias are, and can be shipped to Florida.

Here is my offer to you: Buy any item from my website,, in the notes section put "5 Free Discoids" and I will send you 5 Discoids to feed your chameleon at no charge. Once you go Discoid, ain't no turning back to Dubia!




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Yea! After a mistake by the post office I picked up my first order today. While I still find them icky, I can deal with them so will be ordering more. Miss Grumpy really liked them. A couple of them are bigger than her head though, so obviously I can’t give to her. What do I do with them? Naming them and keeping them as pets is not an option. One of my cats was enjoying watching them, but not appropriate cat toys either. Lol

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