Digital Ther/Hygro Dual probe


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Hello everyone,
I have researched this site and could not find anything on best placement location of the probes on a Ther/Hygro dual probe unit. I have a 2'x2'x4' enclosure with a humidifier. Can someone also suggest how to attach the unit to the outside of the cage (velcro, mounting bracket, etc...)?
I assume your system is like mine where it has a probe for temp and measures the Humidity and temp at the unit. If that is the case I placed the unit on the opposite side of the basking area, then place the probe between the Basking light and the Cage. This allows me to see what the two extremes of the tempetures. I attached it to the cage using zipties.

This is just my thoughts and I am sure there is other opinions on the matter.

So you have 1 temp reading?

In that case you could mount the unit anywhere, I would put the temp probe near the basking area as that is the most crucial temp in my opinion. I would place the Humidity probe away from the basking area as that will be significantly different then where the high temp is. Hopefully that makes sence.

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