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Well i have a 7 month old femal vield that just started to dig today. She has never been exposed to any males and i am wondering why she is digging.

Shes is healthy and active as normal, her belly does seem alittle bigger and she has been climbing on the screens lately.

Cage specs.

24' 24' 48
100 watt
60 watt lights
repitsun 5.0 uvb
constant dipper and 3x day misting.
dusted crickets and mealworms every other day.

Is there a way that chameleons can produce "false" eggs? Any help would be nice im worried that something might be wrong :(
yes, please get her a laying chamber ASAP or she could become eggbound. That is no bueno. They do produce clutches of infertile eggs and she WILL need a place to lay this clutch.
I already got her one. She has a big hole going. She should lay soon, i hope.

Thanks for the response!!
She still hasnt laid, how long does it normally take?

Sry for the questions i wasnt ever planning on mating and wasnt sure if they laid infertile eggs.

Thanks for ANY info.
Don't let her see you see her. She will abandon the hole if she feels it unsafe to lay her eggs.
Woke up this morning to 26 eggs. Im sad that they arnt fertile.

Is it normal that it looks like she has alittle extra skin? She ate already too.

Thanks for the replys again guys. helped alot!!
oh yea she'll look wrinkly , just make sure you give her tonnes of water and a good feeding to fatten her up and she should be fine
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