digging out the old A.C.

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I decided that with the heatwaves and all that im gonna get some help digging out a old room AC thats in the cellarway. i was talking to my mom today , i said to her this is probably the last heatwave for the summer and she said she doubts it cause its usually hot in august, with that said i thought about the AC in the cellarway and it dont work so good ,it dont get that cold so at least i dont gotta worry about over cooling.

during the day my veileds are ok BUT at night the temp dont drop much during these heatwaves and it seems the chameleons dont like the heat at night.
i may have solved my night temp problem , this morning my brother stopped by after work and got my old AC out of the cellarway and put it in the chameleons room window , at first the fan didn't work and he fixed it somehow ,he said from it sitting for yrs it froze, then when it started it made lots of noise because the fan was hitting something ,he fixed that ,this was the AC that fell out the window back in 95 or 94 anyhow it works it still got freon n stuff in it. its in the window in front of Shaky's cage after i turned it on Shaky was climbing on his door getting as close as he could to the cool air.
Veileds are pretty Hardy, and can go short term with high/low temps. As long as it isnt to bad for a long period he should be fine. Just make sure that during the hot weather you give him pleanty of Hydration oppertunitys.

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