Different types of Veiled Chameleons?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mystic, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Mystic

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    I am curious to know if they have different types of Veiled Chameleons. I have heard of turquoise veileds but what others do they have? When Milly gets fired up when moving her to clean, she shows her color change. I have not seen any pictures of another veiled with her color and pattern. How can I tell what type of veiled Milly is? Or even if it is possible to know.
  2. patrickfraser

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    :D A picture might help.:D
  3. Mystic

    Mystic New Member

    waiting for her to change.

    I will get a picture as soon as she naturally changes. I really would feel bad trying to get her upset to take a picture of her fired up colors. This is what Milly normally looks like. When she is fired up she looks like a completely different cham. My husband can't get over on how drasticly she changes. :p

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  4. Chamguy89

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    how old is milly
  5. Mystic

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  6. Rango183

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    their arent any veiled morph they just show a strong blue w.e their sire strongest colors are ,this is what i know cause i would not consider tanslucent veiled morph cause they just low on colors
  7. Mystic

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  8. juju

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    Hmm thats weird I haven't ever seen a female do colors like that.
  9. Mystic

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    Thats what has me stumped. I have spent hours searching the web for her fired up colors and patterns. I can't seem to find any at all. :confused: I will try to crop her normal colors next to her fired up one and post it.
  10. p1u5h13r4m24

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  11. Mystic

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  12. stalincat

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    She is really young now. Wait till she grows older and shows you her adult patterns. My girl used to be green most of the time, when pissed off she had pattern similar to yours.. plus a few stripes. Now she has blue, orange, brown and purple on her, and she is just 10 months old! The older she gets, the cooler the patterns become
  13. Olimpia

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    Those are stress spots. Young veileds will show them now and then, typically if they are uncomfortable for whatever reason. My female would do it when she would get really tired of being in front of the camera.
  14. KatieSimmo

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    If I could upload pics on here. Ide show you my Yemen when he was younger. He was a full on turquoise blue never seen one like him! But hes now super bright green :)
  15. KatieSimmo

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    day after we got rio

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