Different nozzles affecting automister performance?


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I have an aqua zamp mister and it worked great up until a week or so ago when I added a new cage and nozzle to it. The new cage came already with a mistking nozzle installed so I just put it inline with my aquazamp nozzle. I noticed a few days later that the mister hardly ever works now, like it won't prime itself basically. If I take the feed tube out of the bucket and blow air through the pump and nozzles it works great so I'm baffled as to the cause. I have another aquazamp nozzle but can't install it tillthis weekend but at the same time idk if it'll make a difference.

Any ideas?
Hey Jordan. Glad we were able to resolve the issue. There is no issue with the Mistking nozzles working with AquaZamp nozzles. The issue was that the pump was mounted too high above the reservoir. Jordan tried my suggestion of lowering the pump and the issue went away. He then came by my home and we completed the retrofit of the mounting holes on the reservoir lid and installed the Nylon bolts that secure the pump to the lid.

Thanks for posting about the issue, this way people know that the nozzles and systems are compatible.
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