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I've recently been lucky enough to find what I think is quite a nice Diego. He's officially the newest addition to the crew. I'm looking high and low for females right now so if anybody has any tips on where to find a couple I'd really appreciate the advice.
In the meen time.....enjoy the pics!!!
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pic problem

Sorry guys. For some reason I cant load up the pics. In the mean time, check out my gallery to see pics of him.
Very nice! :D

What kind of attachment problems were you having? Were they too large? Have you run out of attachment space?
Origionally they were jpegs that were too large for the thread.....Once I figured that out, I resized them to get them under 250k. At this point for some reason when I pushed the "manage attatchments" button....nothing would happen. I couldn't get the little pop up box to come up in order to attatch anything. I think it may have been a problem with my computer....Possibly a pop up blocker that I didn't turn off. I'll give it another go tonight.....
It worked this time!!! I dont know what the problem was before. I didn't change anything on this side.....Oh well. Better late than never.


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