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Hi, I'm new to these forums but will probably be posting a lot. I just got a ambanja blue panther baby and I was trying to determine the sex. is it the same as with other species (spur on the leg?) or is there another way of determining sex?

also, how do i tell if it is eating the crickets in it's cage or if they are just burrowing into the ficus soil? I am afraid of them doing that and coming out later to harm my chameleon. Thanks!
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Here is a previous thread relating to panther sexing.
I hope this helps. With the feeding you could hang out and watch him eat the crickets to make sure they are all gone or put them into a feeding cup that is at least four inches tall (so they don't hop out) to contain them. Make sure the cup is below a favorite perch so the cham can see the crickets. Once you get an idea of how many are being consumed you can go back to free range feeding.
I am by no means an expert and I am sure others will have som valuable info. Welcome to the forums.
F. Pardalis do not have spurs. Sexing is done by examining shapes of the body & colour of the skin. You will have to study chameleons to tune your eyes to see the differences. All of the following clues, becaome more and more evident with age, so you do have to wait to sex them with complete accuracy.

-Males will develope a buldge beneath the tail, and the shape of the tailbase and vent area will be different.
-Males also have a more defined crest that always passes forward bast their front lips, whereas the ones on females are considerably less defined and rarely pass the nose/lips.
-Females are usually a uniform colour of tan, orangey, pink, brown, etc. All earthy tones. Males exhibit great colour in every spectrum and have many colours that can form speckles, blotches, or stripes.

You can feed the chameleon several out of a hunging opaque cup to see if they are eating.
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