Deremensis Strange Behaviour


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My wife has a female Deremensis and today she did something odd. We found her at the bottom of the enclosure asleep and spotted as if stressed. She aroused easily and when presented with a branch she walked back up without much hesitation. She is a great eater and has developed a small gut over the past month or two. Doing some research we thought maybe eggs, but unsure.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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How old is your female? it does sound like eggs. I would get a laying bin in for her and give her a bit of privacy. You you need any help with the laying bin, let us know.


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Additional Info

Thanks for the advice, I am heading to Lowe's to get the sand and potting soil now. My wife has done this before and that was her first impression as well, but she cares a lot for the little girl and is worried.

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Deremensis. Unsure on age as she was fully grown when we got her.
Handling - Once every 4 or more days and only to move her to the free range plant.
Feeding - She feeds her 5 or 7 crickets every 4 or so days roughly. Very active feeder, will persue crickets and eat quite readily.
Supplements - Rep-cal phosphorous free calcium with VIT.D3 ultra fine powder.
Watering - By hand with a spray bottle when she is receptive and drinks when sprayed. Also daily via drip cups.
Fecal Description - No parasite tests we know of. Poop is the combination of clear, bit of white and then solid dark brown.
History - Got her from a friend, most likely wild caught and according to the vet possible had broken ribs years ago.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Standard 2 by 2 by 4 foot cage with vines and hibiscus.
Lighting - UVB light from Reptisun 10.0 in Deep dome.
Temperature - Inside temps vary from Mid 70's at night to low 80's during the day. She has a 40 watt ceramic heat lamp in one corner of the cage.
Humidity - Not measured, misted by hand often and drip cups keep the area feeling humid.
Plants - Hibiscus in the cage and a hanging pothos plant, very full and long that she enjoys to hang out in for long periods.
Placement - Cage is in the office which is not frequented very often by a window. Moving to a front room that gets actual sun soon.
Location - Orlando Florida.


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Id Say Eggs As Well... I have a Veild Cham and She is Due Any day now. I know species Vary But Its Close to similar. Mine Is on the bottom of her cage digging test hole as of today. I covered the bottom of the cage with eco earth, about 3 inches, then about 1/3 of the cage has3 inches of sand. .....

Not sure if you are aware, but I'll just throw it out there... you say your, "moving it to a front room that gets acual sun soon." The sun will give your cage extra light, but thats about it. and its because window glass filters the UV the sun produces. So.... If its around the same temp out side (not colder) as it is in the cage or warmer outside, I'd Open the window So she could benefit from natures perfect light source and absorb the UV.


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Hello there! T. deremensis females are notoriously stubborn layers. If she continues to pace at the bottom of the cage, my suggestion would be to try the trash bin method. Fill a trash bin with about 10" of soil, at room temperature. Pre dig a hole, about 3" wide and 4-6" deep. Place her in the bin and leave her for a few hours. You can provide a plant if you'd like, but sometimes not having somewhere to hang out encourages them to start digging.

Good luck and keep us posted!



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Thanks for all the information, will pass it on and keep you posted.

The room we want to move her to is the guest bedroom, less frequented and I can use the home automation to control the lighting even more to simulate daylight patterns. It is the south side of the house so recieves more daylight, but mostly that is to help simulate her daily changes and for the plants. The office has a large tree outside and remains mostly shaded all day. We have a nice outside enclosure; however, in Florida it gets too hot and we can control her environment better inside. She usually spends half a day outside on the weekends for natural light and the UVB the rest of the time.

We have the box of sand/dirt mix handy for her and we'll see how she takes to it.

Thanks again.
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