Deli cups and mold inhibitor?


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Ok so this might be a dumb question but i am tired of buying fruit fly cups and the mash for em. the cups are just deli cups right? well i dono where to get em any ideas? and where to get a powdered mold inhibitor for their media?

any input would be appreciated :)


I use spaghetti sauce jars (or any type of jar) that I use when cooking. Just get some type of shear fabric from a fabric store (like 50 cents) and cut a square as a cover and secure it with a rubber band. (If this description is confusing I'll post a pic when I get home). I've used plastic jars (like the kind fluker gel cubes come in), glass jars, and plastic cups all for free because they were from food I had eaten for my ff cultures. Very easy and I don't feel bad throwing them away if they get gross. Although I usually wash out the glass jars and reuse them if I'm running low. And I order powdered media from josh's frogs and have never had a problem with mold of mitres. Just fwiw :)
i use a small yoghurt pot with a bit of string through it...........make sure the pot isnt clear my cham got a sore tongue shooting at the side and bottom:p
Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores have the 32oz. cups like the ones your cultures from sponsor sites come in. They are usually about 3-4 for a dollar. You can get calcium proprionate sometimes from bakery supply stores and use it as mold inhibitor, although the bakery I used to get mine from closed a few years ago, and I haven't found it anywhere else. Carolina Biological supply carries Tegospet, though it is rather expensive. I just make my own fruit fly medium and use white vinegar as a mold inhibitor and I have yet to have a culture mold on me.
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A breeder I know makes his own media and I think he said he mixes in a little white vinegar and apparently that keeps it from molding. And it must work because all the cultures I got from him never got moldy. However, don't take my word for it unless someone else confirms this works! But if it does this is an easy enough ingredient to find anywhere.
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