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Hi, i'm not sure if my chameleon is dehydrated or not but his eyes appear to be sunken in just a little and has'nt been really acting himself. He's eats and drinks. Is it my tap water?:confused:

i am having a similar problem right vieled hasnt opened his eyes all day. I believe he might be suffering from dehydration. She hasnt eaten today either....i dont know what else to do for her. Good luck with yours and let me know what works for you...she just sits and sleeps all day with eyes closed now
im not too sure how old she is....its about 10 inches long....the pet store sold it to me as a male vieled but i cant see its spurs! it hasnt eatn all day and its eyes are staying shut....i dont know what to do for her
Do you see any other signs of dehydration? This can include wrinkles in the skin, weight loss, lethargic behavior, etc. If your cham is dehydrated, you of course need to change your watering habits. An increase of watering or a change in method may be needed. Is he old enough for a shower? You may need to think about an automated misting system.

You did not answer my questions in your other thread. If your cham's eyes are closed all day, this is very bad news. You need to seek the help of a veterinarian immediately. They can offer a saline solution to try and help your cham become more hydrated. There could be other problems as well. Without the help of a vet there is a high probability your cham will not make it :(
Hi, sorry, was at a friends house all night. There are wrinkles and he is not as active as usual. He's about a year old and is a veiled and he does drink.

67Camaro: You may need to increase your watering setup to keep him hydrated better on a daily basis. Either mist his cage more frequently, or add a dripping system for him to obtain more water (if you don't already have one). Since he is a year old, he may definitely take a shower (showering is not recommended for babies - only older chameleons). I will copy and paste the shower system I use for my chameleons from previous posts here on this forum. It works quite well for dehydration and my chameleons love it. Give it a try and see if his problems are relieved. If after giving him a shower, he still exhibits difficulties, it might be a good idea to consult your veterinarian.

Showering: I have a little tree in my shower (a silk tree so as to not cause overwatering a live plant) which I use to give all my chameleons soft, warm showers... Make sure the water is not hot or not too cold and not on full blast (this can hurt their eyes). Run the water softly as if soft raindrops were floating down, put your little tree under the "pretend" soft warm tropical rain and let your chameleon have a very enjoyable shower. If very dehydrated, he may stay in the shower for 30 mins or more drinking. You may see him stretch his head and neck up as he drinks... this is normal. Let him drink as long as he wants... when he starts to get restless or stops drinking, then remove him from his shower. Make sure you place him under his basking light afterwards so as to not get chilled.

By the way, you may use a live plant if no silk plant is available to you. It just might cause overwatering a plant if used in showering methods frequently and can cause a bit of a mess on the shower floor from dirt, etc. I'll put some images of Cyro, one of my Ambilobe panthers, taking a shower below:



Hope this helps, and like I said earlier, if this doesn't improve his difficulties, a trip to the vet may be in order.

Good luck!
I know this might kinda sound weird but we've all heard about the pedia light to help keep our precious babes hydrated well have found a good way to get around this drama for them and us. If your like me and hate to half to make them try to open there mouth if you have found yourself in this awful position. {You know what I am talking about}

Heidi my smallest of the 2 oldest female veils had all the symptoms of sunken eyes wouldn't eat so I did what all moms would do I looked through all the forums with me all ready being a mom and having pedia light on hand I tried. With no success. But did get her to eat a few crickets by hand feeding. I got to thinking my dad being a diabetic me having the juice and wax worms her favorite. Here come the faint or heart for the squeamish people.

I then called my dad up as my dad laughed he told me to go by the house and give it a try , as i did and with much success. The wax worms hold the pedia light perfectly and the chams love them so once a week when its treat time they get a pedia light filled wax worm if needed or not.....Becca
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