dehydrated jackson

i recieved a jackson that had it eyes sunk in. i tried everything from hydration chambers to free flow hose misting the cage all day. i was wondering if i mixed some pedialyte in its drip system if it would help it. help would be very appreciated


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Pedialyte may help. I usually don't bring up pedialyte because I'm not sure how much to recommend. Also, once the bottle is opened it does not last long. The best thing would be a trip to the vet. They can administer fluids and give your new cham the best chances at recovering.


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I would hesitate about using pedialyte in a drip system only bc I'm afraid that it might get your cage all sticky! When Hermie was sick I *think* my vet said that the minimum amount of fluids that he needed per day was about 1 cc... and he weighed about 60 grams.
Sub Q fluids given by a vet do wonders though ... they are WELL worth it... you could see hermie change before your eyes. Even when my old chameleon corey was dying she always appeared to get better after getting fluids.
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