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Personally I’d only feed off things they will only naturally eat in their environment not to say that they eat dubian roaches and all in Yemen or for me in the machakos mills area but I’d prefer to stay away from fruits and vegetables that’s just my personal opinion tho I’m not trying to be rude or anything or tell you what you’re doing is wrong I’m definitely not qualified to say that by any means please forgive me if I came off that way
Thank you, I apologize as well if I came off any type of way. As younger chameleons, they would eat any insect. Now that they are older, they are pickier. Well, let me correct that. My males seem to be pickier. They seem like they are scared of roaches most of the time, unless the roaches are tiny tiny. The roaches have to be smaller then the size of a fingernail. My females veileds will eat any insect they see. They seem like they have no limits and if they had their choice would eat and eat and eat. The males will eat some feeders and know they are full, I guess that's how to describe it. I try to give variety of the hearty feeders, (crickets, roaches, silk worms.) I see some people feed grasshoppers, I have never tried, I am not sure they would eat them with how large grasshoppers are. I also see people feed moths, also I have not tried them.


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The confusion with plants is that Veilds will eat them. However so far all studies suggest that they can not properly digest plant matter. So there is no benefit. It has also been observed that they do not really eat plants in the wild.
My site is In the Natural Chameleon section there are 5 short clips of male Veiled chameleons in the wild.
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