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i decided to put Splinter girl in sonics cage to see how she would react,at first she was calm i put her on a branch and she walked towards the back of the cage then Sonic started towards her superfast n she started hissing and such , before i could get her out Sonic had her pinned down in 2 seconds flat and had his way with her. they were both hanging upsidedown from a branch for about 10mn i think they were mating cause Sonics head was shaking n he was vibrating etc. she was dark green when i put her back in her cage.
All signs of non-receptivity. I hope you did not let him rape her, I couldn't tell from your descriptions of the event.

In future attempts, I suggest holding the female outside the cage on your hand for several minutes until they show signs of receptivity, or otherwise.
he might have had sex with her, he was to fast for me to stop him or get her out of the cage , he had pinned her down in 2 seconds flat and he was having his way with her for about 10-15 mn. what i mean by "having his way with her" is he stradled on top a her ,pinned her down n swung her off the branch and their both hung upsidedown n he was vibrating his head from time to time during the whole episode i think maybe his body might a been vibrating also . he might of forced sex on her, after he had her though she wasnt really trying to get away.
they are 6-8 months old. why? what can happen?
i got them at the end of feb,maybe feb 25 ,2006 and they looked about 2-3 months old ,they were tiny then. so march,april,may,june and almost half of july.

the incident happened on monday july 10 2006.
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Just because they are old enough to breed, doesnt mean they should. Egg development takes a lot out of a female. She should be full grown and established before Breeding. which is usually at a Year + old.
Fate X said:
Why? do they die? does anyone know of cases where they mated young? what happened?

I know of many cases where Ch. calyptratus were allowed to breed at ages as early as three months old. Many times complications arise during oviposition such as egg binding. Other times the toll of producing eggs at an early age can lead to MBD in young females and most always the lifespan is shortened consierably.

When they are allowed to reach adult size and no longer have the high calcium requirements for growth they are able to process eggs without stripping calcium that is being used for growth and development. I would never breed Ch. calyptratus until they reach a minimum of 12 months of age, I feel it is irresponsible on the keepers part to knowingly jeopardize the animals health for the sake of getting eggs sooner. With calyptratus there is always time for plenty of eggs.
i did not want them to breed ,i was experimenting to see if she would resist him or not ,like i said it happened so fast i could not stop it . i was gonna seperate them but i was afraid if i interupted they would fight.
what can i do to lessen the life shortening,ending side effects in case she is gonna make eggs? to be honest i kinda felt bad after it was all over but the whole thing surprised me as i don't have any experience and i didnt realize they mate so fast.
The best thing you can do for her now is to increase her calcium intake, and provide a suitable laying site in the near future. Usually it would be advisable to decrease the amount of food she recieves to reduce clutch size, but since your chameleon is so young.....
what do you mean but shes so young? i can up the calcium and put a egg laying container in her cage ,i am confident if she does get eggs she will survive, because #1 she is very healthy #2 shes big girl . maybe i should give her some liquid calcium ,i have some for her it might be a good idea then again im thinking it might make matters worse .
can i see the eggs in like a week so i kno to increase the calcium.

HOW DO I GIVE HER THE LIQUID CALCIUM , i have a dropper like you get at a drug store i can give her one drop, will one drop sufficate her if it gets in her windpipe? does the drop have to be put in her throat tube thing? because im getting a little worried now. what color does she get if shes making eggs?
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Did she ever show robin egg blue spots? Be extremely careful with the liquid calcium, I would recommend consulting your vet before administering it. If she is already digging then she probably had eggs before you put them together. She will go into a trance like state while digging and laying. I would just allow her to lay them and definately dust her crickets with calcium. It would also be a good idea to get her some natural sunlight after she has recovered from the laying process. Also make sure that you keep her well hydrated.
Fate X said:
WHY is splinter digging today? i saw her this afternoon digging in the sand.
she looked busy .

Why do you have sand in her cage?

If she is indeed gravid you need to make the preparations for her to lay the eggs. Gravid or not this is a taxing process on the animal and you need to be sure that she is well taken care of after the fact. You may want to do some more research as well. Read all of the articles at, pick up Cahemeleons, Natures Hidden Jewels by Petr Necas to begin with.
the sand is in a plastic container siutable to lay eggs in. she was digging this afternoon ,when i got home tonight she has dug tunnels . the containers with sand are in her cage because about a month ago i thought she had eggs and i didnt want her to die egg bound , i figured she would lay the eggs rather then die .
do veils dig tunnels first then bury their eggs?

she did have blue spots ,that much i remember , i seen then after the incident with sonic, shes been getting crickets gutloaded with fluker calcium cricket food and esu calcium fortified water gel stuff.the crickets also get dusted with rep-cal multivitamin and calcium mixed at a 1 to 2 ratio in other words one part multi-vitamin and 2 parts calcium between that vitamin mix they get t-rex chameleon dust cb and 4 times a month zoomed reptivite.

she is under 3 flourescent tube lights 2 of them are repti-glo 5.0 and 1 is reptisun 5.0 all of them are on 12 hrs a day ,she has lots of artificial light, and she has a exo-terra dayglo for basking .

i will be able to get her outside a couple hrs a week for real sun when she needs it but she will have to be put in a small fesh air habtat cause thats the only extra cages i got. i could put a table in the yard and put her cage where thers sun and shade so she dont burn up. i can make a shady spot in the cage also.
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