December 28th (Tues) South Bay Chameleon Keepers Meeting

Dave Weldon

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Howdy All,

(Haven’t been to one of our free meetings yet? What are you waiting for!)

7:30pm-8pm………...Meet and Greet
8pm-~9pm……….…..Roundtable Discussion
9pm-9:30pm………...Feeder co-op sale and distribution
9:30pm-10pm……….Meeting Wrap-up

******* Another reminder: If you plan on taking part in Kevin’s (Summoner12) insect feeder ordering and sometimes his LLLReptile supply ordering and are not already receiving this msg via Gmail, please send a quickie “Join” email to the [email protected] site so that you will receive his Excel spreadsheet order sheet as well as instructions, when it becomes available later in the week. *******

Nathan (Drywater) has once again, graciously invited us to his work location for this meeting. It’s located in the vicinity of the northwest quadrant of where the 405 and the 10 freeways cross.

2001 S Barrington Ave.
Suite 201
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Here is a Google map link:,+Los+Angeles,+CA+90025

Image of the garage entrance:,265.65,,0,-7.08

Nathan said:
“As for parking, everyone is welcome to park in the garage structure that is attached on the south side of the building. Later in the evening, the gate may be closed but I have a card key to open it. Otherwise, there is plenty of street parking in front of the building.” If the front and side building entry doors are locked, walking up the parking structure driveway entrance and then over to the 2nd floor office complex entry is an easy way to get to Suite 201.

The "South Bay Chameleon Keepers" (SBCK) meetings are normally held on the last Tuesday of the month from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. These free-of-charge meetings are pretty much free-flowing, with all chameleon topics open for discussion. "Show and Tell" discussions are common. We continue to have group bulk-buys (silkworms, hornworms, superworms, crickets, dubias etc.) at our meetings. Some members may be bringing these feeders to sell but that's not guaranteed. Let us know if you are looking for these feeders (or anything else) and we'll try to confirm availability (pre-ordering) before the meeting. Some keepers bring their chameleon books and magazines along with other various items to spark discussions. We also won’t stop you from bringing your chameleons, young and old, big and small. Just keep in mind that it is past their bedtime and that there is stress involved in the trip. So if you plan on bringing chameleons either for “Show and Tell” or for sale (pre-arranged sales are encouraged) just keep in mind your chameleon’s well-being :).

Don't hesitate to RSVP with an email to: [email protected] if you think you might be coming. Didn't RSVP? Come anyway!

On your way and got lost or can't get in the building? For this meeting, call Dave Weldon on his cell phone# 310-600-4793.

Our group ranges from long-time breeders to novice keepers. Lately, there have been 10-25+ members attending. There are usually new members at every meeting.

No guarantees but there are usually snacks and drinks brought-in by some of the attendees. You’re welcome to bring some to share too!

See You There,


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hmmm after the mite b able to go, hopefully allot of people (same and new) will be there:cool:
Lisa and I may be able to make this one. We are camping for christmas and new years but will have tue - thur between sites that week.
Opti Visor

Look what I got for Christmas! How many months later after Dr. Stein came to one of our meetings?
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Dang it! Why couldn't it be today? Lol! I'm in Corcoran right now but leaving in about a few hours. I'm heading back to San Diego and pass straight through LA. I could have made it but taking another trip to LA tomorrow... :(

I guess i'll try to make next moths.
Never wear white T to a hornworm feeding.

Thanks for the extra large Hornworms, Dave. Or guess I should say never walk under a chameleon/hornworm feeding. You'll only walk away wearing bug guts. :D
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Thanks for the extra large Hornworms, Dave. Or guess I should say never walk under a chameleon/hornworm feeding. You'll only walk away wearing bug guts. :D

EW! Hornworm JUICE! You should see my Tokay Geckos eat the big Horns. Man, they love to slam the worms on the glass and get worm juice EVERYWHERE! It's so gross...:eek:
Thanks for the extra large Hornworms, Dave. Or guess I should say never walk under a chameleon/hornworm feeding. You'll only walk away wearing bug guts. :D
Howdy Steve,
So that's what you meant when you said you were going home to get "juiced" :rolleyes:.

Funny too, because I was just telling some guests that I try to remember to stand back when feeding-off one those little "water ballons".
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