Dec 2010 Pics of some of the Herd!


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Leon-now 4 years old! Yes-he is HUGE!

Wasabi-from JannB-she is also a very large Veiled and not even a year yet...

Tim!!! Check these colors out!

NoName Panther...

NoNames brother Mcnasty-do they look alike or what?

NoName and McNasty's sister...


And a Crestie freshly shed...


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tim is awesome! i can wait until im able to get my next chameleon, im always so jealous of people who have a whole bunch :p Just you wait ill get there some day haha


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Thanks Juli for sharing pics of some of your beautiful herd. I always like to see big man Leon and of course Wasabi. The L & C kids will be 9 months old on the 29th. Time flies!

I have to agree with the others on Tim. He's turned into such a handsome man. You really need to name the other panthers. I love the shed pics of your girl.
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