Day 2!


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I am taking in all of your advice and working on improvements to thier home and trying to get a 2nd for my female orrr I found instructions to build a cage that had a divider in the middle of it. When my husband gets home I may be going to set him to work on that! Let me know what you think of this cage? I will be adding in a draining system to this blueprint tho because my bromeliad in drowning in there. and I don't like the flooring they did. and I want to use a smaller mesh, my crickets don't need help finding a way out! Also you'll be glad to know my female lightened up to a greenish and I don't know how to add pictures here but I made this photoalbum just for ya'll to see what's gone on since pick up and where your advice has progressed setup :D
Watched those yesterday :) I love the look of them, Much nicer than the wood! I just worry about trying to design a diffrent size without exact measurements we may get lost. I'd like something that can house them both while being seperated. I may have to think, design and sit down with my husband trying to figgure it all out!
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