Dawns son w/ sick cham


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hey everyone i wanted to let y'all know i greatly appreciate the help you have given me via my mom. I understood the demands of a chameleon b4 the purchase, but i guess i was wrong lessoned learned, i love lexi tho and she is perking up, i do have one question tho. i have notices her "nuzzling" one leaves and branches in her cage. i havnt seen her do this before but ive seen her do it three times alone today. can anyone tell me what she is doing or is this a mystery of these cryptic creatures?

thank you
Hello Dopey, welcome to the chameleon forums :D

I am not exactly sure what you mean by 'nuzzling'. Do you mean she is rubbing her eyes/head on leaves and branches? She could be trying to get something out of her eye. Not sure, some more details would help. Is she drinking or eating yet?
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