Dave Weldon is AMAZING!


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Id just like to extend another thank you thank you to Dave. He hooked me up BIG TIME with 3 cages, plants and feeders.

I finally got the cages and plants/lights/misters all setup and figured it is now time to post pictures!

I know the cage on the left the shrubbery is a little low, but he climps up top when he needs light, im just waiting for everything to grow

both cages are 4x2x2 with all real plants and dowel walkways also a laybucket in the female cage (90% sure shes got eggs)
4" 5.0 UVB and grow light w/ standard house heat lights
Aquazamp misting systems w/ 2 nozzles per cage (you can see the black feed line coming out of the wall to the left of the cages
Shower curtain drainage system

Since the pictures have been taken:
I have trimmed the divider so it no longer sticks out 8"
Moved the plants around a little more to get a more pleasing look (and to make them a little easier to find)

Onto the limited pictures that i have! lol

My little male adjusting (coming off of a hunger strike)


My female lounging

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Thanks guys! This is the first time in the like 2 1/2 years since I got my first cham that I feel 100% about all my setups!

I do not think that the left cage is in dire need of more foliage. Looking good to me!

When i said it was low i ment physical placement, Id like it if it was a little thicker in the top 1/3rd of the cage rather than 1/2 way up so he can "hide" and still be within UVB/Heat ranges


very cool guy. gave me my dubia to start a colony.
his advise also saved me alot of money. got to skip a vet bill.
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