Darwin's Cage Update


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I just bought a new pothos plant from Home Depot for just $7 (CHEAP! :D) and I used a wooden dowel and some wire to hang it. Pretty simple, right?! I'm going to add some branches later, but here are some pics:



Thanks :)
Nice!! Cant beat cheap plants that look that nice:) Once you get some more sticks in there make sure there are different levels under the basking bulb so your cham can choose the spot he feels more comfy basking at, at that point in time.
I was just at home depot today looking for a nicely priced ficus, but they didn't have any, and checked Lowes and nothing, but i got a $5 schefflera arboricola! :) your enclosure looks great btw!
Haha, I went to home depot today too. I bought a pothos, ivy, and some other plant. 12 bucks. Really can't beat that.
Be careful with that wire, it may rust. Your pothos looks nice. My lowes has a clearance rack with ridiculously good prices sometimes!
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