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Hi, I've got a Graceful chameleon thats about a year old. The person I got it from told me it was a male, but I don't know for sure. He/she is in an open screen enclosure with live plants, misted and dripped daily. He's always been well, however yesterday evening he turned dark and began walking all around the cage, the ground, the walls, not stopping. I know this means he is uncomfortable, not happy, etc. (I've had a similar situation happen with another cham who wanted out during a storm, but it was isolated). Anyway, I let him out and his color eventually returned to normal. However everytime I put him back in his cage, after he warms up, he'll turn dark and start pacing again. I fed him today, and he ate a lot, but then started again. Outside of the cage, he's sleeping at night, and walking around all day. What's going on? What should I do? Thanks so much in advance-
whats the cages dimensions? you mentioned there is a live plant, what about vines/sticks etc? tell us a bit more about your enclosure, possibly some photos?
30"x20"x20" I've got a schefflerra and a bonzai brazillian raintree, as well as some long fake vines. ill try to get a picture. the graceful is 4-5" w/o tail.
I've got the same problem with my male almost the same age. I recently put him in a larger enclosure and he seemed to be fine for quite a while. Now he's dark and pacing at the bottom of the cage all the time. There's no way that it's too hot in there as I've only got a 60W bulb for heat and a separate UVB tube.

He still seems to be eating OK. He seems visibly stressed about something but he's very nasty and difficult to take out. I've let him come out of his cage on his own a few times but he gets angry any time I go near him. He used to be so friendly when he was younger!

Any suggestions?

Thanks ... Dyesub Dave. :D
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