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I have a question!

I was watching my chameleon eat the other day..she was hanging upside down from one of the branch deals in her cage and she went to eat something.. she never got it but after she stuck her tongue out, she didnt bring it back in imediately.. it just dangled there for like a minute and a half..is this normal?!?? Should I be worried?
Was that the last time she attempted to shoot a prey item? Or has she done it again with no ill effects? I have seen this happen in chameleons that shoot a prey item that is too far. In some cases the tongue can be retracted, rested and it works fine again. In other cases the tongue stays damaged and the chameleon needs to learn how to hunt without it. In severe cases the tongue can become inflammed and the chameleon literally swallows it, causing severe necrosis and infection of the tongue. Those cases require tongue amputation and a lot of rehab and training afterwards.

If she is eating ok after the episode, make sure to always have the prey items within normal reach. I can't be sure that her upside down position had anything to do with the situation but can't be ruled out either.

A minute and a half...I don't think that is very normal. I would definately take her to the vet if she were mine. I know that a limp tounge can be a sign of metabolic bone disease, but I am no expert.

How long have you had her? What kind of supplements are you giving her? What kind of lighting do you have?
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Yeah shes eaten since the danglin tongue episode. She seems fine. I just thought it was weird...

So I dont guess its anything to worry about right now then?
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