Damp house, need to reduce humidity but have chams.....


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Ok, we live in Portland, OR. The great, DAMP Pacific Northwest and in an old house to boot. And have had a particularly rainy year........
Last year in Jan.(before cham) we bought a dehumidifier for house to reduce moisture during winter months because we have areas that do not leak but get mold. It worked great.
Fast Forward to getting a Cham aka Karma the Veiled in March 2010. We stopped using the dehumidifier and it wasnt a big deal as warm weather was here, house dried out.
Well..... we havent used it this year at all and we have several spots that keep being damp and getting mold. Today I had to clean a corner of Master bedroom and put the dehumidifer in there on high trying to dry it out.

Our windows are always damp, etc. so I think we are going to have to run dehumidifier more or else we end up with more mold which affects my sons allergies, etc. and it becomes a crazy circle.

So, how do we protect Karma so she keeps her humidity..... yet house stays drier? She has a 24 x 24 x 48 aluminum frame screen enclosure. I was thinking of making plexi panels to attach to parts of it for wintertime?
I know some have used old shower curtains, etc. but I run a daycare and if it isnt attached or solid..... I have kids that will mess with it when my back is turned. Hence the reason I was thinking plexi. I know that they do not do well seeing themselves, etc. Will the plexi being outside the screen make it less reflective? Should we scratch it up a bit so its less reflective?


I am just tired of living in a damp house but do not want to take away from Karma and make her sick, etc. because she doesnt have enough humidity.


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Unless its as dry as the Atacama desert, it wont bother the cham much, but might make shedding a little tougher.
Human health first, use the dehumidifier and simply mist the lizard if humidity levels prove a little low.
One or more of these things installed in your roof may do wonders!



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She gets misted daily by hand. Hubby was thinking of getting her a auto mister but I am home all day, every day as I work from home so that seems a bit silly to me.
I will show that to hubby. He has to install a solar tube on our roof this Spring anyways where our old woodstove flue is, so he could install that at the same time.
We have 3 spots that get mold in winter and usually once I clean 1 time, they are done for the season. This year, they have come back.
But, we didnt use dehumidifier AND we have a cham so more moisture, etc. in the house.
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