daisy ok to eat?


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I got a 6 month old female veiled. My mom just came home with some flowers and some of them are daisy's. Are they okay to feed to my cham?
well............unless the daisy is wild pick and free from pesticide and fertilizer. I would not suggest to feed them to your chameleon.
Don't risk it.
Flowers that would be okay are either grown by you
or from the produce department of grocer (sold packed as edible flowers)
They include nasturtium, pansy, hibiscus and rose.
I would not feed any from the florist.

Thanks. It was tempting to put it in the cage but I didn't. I also didn't know they sold edible flowers in the grocery store. I'll have to look for those when I do my grocery shopping this weekend.
Hey Brad...what are you still doing up? Or is it early where you live?

Never seen daisies in the herb section here!
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