Custom Stand for Cage


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not sure if this should be in the enclosure section since its just a stand, but, here we go.
I am fixing to start building a stand for my 18x18x36 metal screen cage. im thinking about a 36" tall stand with a 2" deep place for the cage to sit in and putting a drop in sink beneath it for drainage. i figure the total weight of the cage will be around 60-80 lbs with the laying bin, potted plant, various silk vines, biovine, etc in it. i have ZERO artistic skills so there is no way on earth i could draw this out.

basically i will be building the frame from preasure treated 2x4's that are 36" long. the top will have a hole cut out of it with a 2x2 frame set down in it and secured with wood glue and screws for the sink and cage on top of the sink. the outside will be covered with 1/2" composite boards with the front doors made out of the same. i plan on having the sink connect to a tube that runs to a 5 gal bucket in the base for drainage.

does anyone have any tips or suggestions on this project?
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