Custom Chameleon Portraits

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I'm available to do a few custom art commissions like the examples pictured below for anyone interested.

For right now, all commissions (whether color pencil or digital painting) are $50 for a single chameleon and $20 extra for each additional chameleon in the same portrait (ie. A painting of a male and female together). For digital art you will not need to pay any shipping, and will be sent a full resolution file to use/get it printed however you wish. For color pencil work, I will draw on a 11" x 14" sheet and have it shipped to you for a couple dollars in a shipping tube.

I will do any sort of background, all these examples just happen to only have branches in them. But I can do flowers, leaves, etc..

Digital painting example:

Color Pencil examples:



PM me or send me an email at [email protected] with any questions.
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