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I am building my first enclosure and would appreciate YOUR help on any tips you can give me while I am in the process of building my VC's enclosure. I have bought a TV stand and am in the process of converting it into an enclosure. The TV stand is the BASE only, and it measures 40 inch's (L) by 23 inch's (W) by 20 inch's (H). In the base I will place a 10L jug that runs into a mister/fogger (haven't bought one yet) and a bucket for drainage. In the middle of the stand I have drilled a hole that will drain any excess water into a drain leading to a bucket. I have sanded the Tv stand with a hand sander to create a natural slope, and the weight of plants will also help in creating a natural slope. I have built a frame measuring 40 by 22 and put this on top of the Tv stand with a few more 2 by 2 pieces of wood that will help flow water into the center drain and act to reinforce the eggcrate on top which currently measures 48 by 24. I am going to attach the frame and 2 by 2's in the middle and use silicone to create a water seal, then use Flex seal to coat it. Click HERE for link to flex seal. The enclosure is going to be a separate unit measuring about 38 inch's (L) by 22 inch's (W) by 48 inch's (H) with the back being a treated plywood, both sides being plexi glass and the front, top and bottom being screened. I live in Sothern Ontario and this will be set up in my basement. Wandering if anyone has any tips before I start assembling this all in the next few weeks and wondering if you can also give me some recommendations for a fogger/mister to use.


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Klyde O'Scope

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IDK of any mister/fogger combination units (though there may be 🤷‍♂️). AFAIK, most use separate units.

For a mister, I believe most here would recommend either a MistKing or CliMist.
With a MistKing, the Starter System will be fine, but you may want to consider getting 2 additional nozzles and mounting brackets (it only comes with one of each).

The MistKing system requires the supply reservoir (not supplied) be higher than the pump itself by several inches, and recommended 12" between the supply reservoir and pump.
I mention these details to work into your design plans if you decide to go that way.

Unless you plan on putting that base on legs or something, I'd suggest increasing the height of the enclosure. The reason for this is that being arboreal, chameleons are most comfortable when their basking site is at or above human standing eye level. A 48"H enclosure (plus 2" drainage pan) often/usually sits on a 29-30" table, putting the top of a 48"H enclosure at approx. 78" (plus lights on top of that).

Given your geography (and basement), I would also suggest considering making the door/front plexi to help retain humidity & daytime temps. If there is airflow under the enclosure & through the egg crate, the entire front could be a plexi door. This will also aid visually, and you'll get a chimney effect providing ventilation from bottom to top.

Is your basement climate-controlled? Only an issue if the temps drop below 50F/10C at night.
Perhaps warmer for babies/juvies.
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