Cup o crickets??


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So I have been watching vids and reading threads about strategies to use for feeding your cham. I am trying to use the ol cup full of crickets bit but Little Guy(LG) is not eating from it. Will he ever get used to it?
Some will never get used to it as they seem just to not like the cup. Give it some time, let it get a little hungry or put its fave food into the cup.
My veiled took to cup feeding quite easily, but my little panther took about a week before he fully adjusted. Once they get used to it, whether it takes two days or two weeks, they will sit by the cup when they're hungry and get really excited when you get ready to fill. At least mine do!
Use a tub. Dinky cups don't allow the bugs to move a whole lot. Using a tub allows the bugs to move and the lizard to hunt them while still keeping the insects contained.
I just recently started the cup feeding with Leroy. When I started I would fill the cup and grab a worm and kind of lure him to the cup. Once he got close I would drop it in. Thats when he noticed the other worms and attacked. lol I have only been doing this for about a week now. He is still getting use to it but i think he likes it. He seems happy about it. :D
also try diff cups my guy only like his green glass shot glass. he wont eat from any other cup so far . diff sizes and colors
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