Cross Breeding Fischer and Senegal???


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Hi! THis is My first Post!

In December I picked up a MALE Fischer's at a REP show and he's great.
I went back this weekend and Asked the same dealer for a FISCHER FEMALE
he didn't have any but he recomended a SENEGAL, and said they would breed
so I got it.
well... I introduced them and they looked to be in the process of mating.
First, My Male FISCHER grasped onto the Female and seemed to be mounting her
He then started butting his head into her abdomen, and pulling her off the branch.
I separated them and, then put them back together.. HE went right for her Biting her in the midsection and pulling her off the branch.

Can I take it that these guy are not getting along, or is this common mating practice. Was I given Incorrect Info about them mating
First of all if someone sold you a female senegal and told you it could breed with a male fischers he needs to reep what he sowed. Unless I missed something somewhere I'd say that its impossible for Fischers and Senegals to breed. I'd recommend calling the guy, or meeting up with him at your next show and giving him a piece of your mind.
In fact, unless you contact him and he agrees to replace your senegal with a fischers I'd stick a bad guy post up on the BOI about how this guy seems to not like fully representing his animals and what they can do.
Your male seems to be displaying completely normal dominant behavior for a male that sees another chameleon that he cant, and will never breed with. He's just defending his territory. And I'd probably not ever introduce them again. It sounds like he wasn't too pleased with her presents.
Wow thats disgusting!:eek: I'm only on page 4 and those pics are pretty nasty! What an Idiot :mad:
Argh! Ignorant people like that make me really angry, they should be car salesmen not pet store workers. How can you not care about a living animal like that. Ive seen horrible reptile shops and I always tell everyone I know to avoid them, and when I do go there (just to look) I usually talk to some potential customers and direct them elswhere. Ive been in arguments with managers who try to sell sick animals and once got a man fired for misleading me in one of my first purchases...I tell ya, I get really ticked off with people who mistreat animals...Ive even tried to buy some of the sicker animals to try and take care of them, but theyre usually so bad off that they quickly die.:mad:

On the other hand, Ive been to great stores where employees actually convince you NOT to buy a high maintenance herp like a chameleon if youre not ready for it. Thats what I would do when I briefly worked at a pet store...

Still, RobbieSammons:

You should go back there and give him an earfull
Three words: Oh my gawd.

I feel so angry right now. I abhor that type of treatment to animals. We should all get together and go picket his establishment with signs... or a bunch of us attend a show and hand out flyers or something about how he treats his animals and operates his business.

It's people like that I'd love to put in a cage with the same conditions, let them stay there a night and see how they like it.

That is just horrible. :mad:

Obviously, you now know the answer to your question. NO, NO, NO...those chams will not breed and you should not even attempt it. If you do, you really will endanger both, since they are not compatible, and they both will physically defend what little space they share if you put them together. As you have already put them together twice, and it was obvious there was aggresion, I hope no harm came to either cham!

Obviously you now know you were told a whole crock of crap in order for that low-life to make a sale.

More important now is the well-being of both chams now that you know the truth. Please continue to research, ask questions and read all you can about both your species as both are unique and will be demanding in their care and needs. And, uh...keep them separated! :)
All good advice from everyone. What gets me the most about this is...he wasn't even just lying to make a sale on a high end animal. It was a fricken senegal. He probably made like $20 on the thing. What the crap is he telling people who are buying his $10000 animals.....I only got to about page 12, but I'm sure it doesn't get any better. If anybody read the whole thing I'd love a summary as I'm sure most of the 60 some pages are more of the same.

For some reason I have totally forsaken everyone I know and all my physics homeworks for the past 4 or so hours and have been reading through this...I don't even have an adjective for how long this thread goes on...and this Allen Belcher actually posted a few replies about page 20 something. The animal control people apparently came out to inspect only his pet store, not where he actually kept the majority of his animals in his other 3 facilities. Emotions are definitly running high in the thread. One person was permanently banned from the site, and after about page 30 or so there is nearly constant bickering between Jim Flaherty of The Chameleon Company, who has tried to be objective as much as I think he thought he could throughout his many many posts on this thread alone, but most agree that he had not necessarily taken Allen's side, but much more heavily criticized Bryon(the person who started the thread). I am now on page 55 where Allen just posted his third reply I believe. This thing reads like a bizarre novel...and is just about as long...I'm not sure it will ever end. Anyways, I'll try and update my post if I run across anything useful near the end(if there is one).


Edit: I finally came across another link to the other complaint about Allen that is listed on Fauna that has been refrenced many times in the thread.
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I forgot to mention that the animal control people found nothing wrong with Allen's pet shop. I wish one of the admins or someone could edit out all of the stupid arguements in the thread...there are actually some very valid points throught the expansive thread.

Edit: Phew...I finally finished. Ended up being 67 pages...thats 334 posts...which is well a lot. On about the 64th (post #318), Bryon mentioned he had been in touch with the investigators and he would soon have some good news....which was 2/9/06...which was about a week and a half I'm interested to read if he posts his news anytime soon. What a sad sad story.
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thank you very much zero. I wish I had 4 hours to read that thing, but between an 8 to 5 and taking care of 40+ chams its just impossible to find time. I'm on around page 15 and I keep going back off and on. Maybe I'll get to the end sometime, but until then, thanks for the updates.
I skimmed that thread the other day, but only spent about an hour on it. The BOI reads like a train wreck sometimes, awful to watch but impossible to pull away from. I try to avoid it unless I am looking for specific information on a breeder I may buy from.

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