cristatus & quadricornis

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I am looking to seriously downsize my collection due to an upcoming move in the near future. I have available: two quadricornis & three cristatus.

A picture of each is attached at the end of this post. More pictures can be seen if you go through my posting history, or if you ask me for them.

I have had them for sale for a little while now, and have had many people feign an interest, but flake out in the end. If you are seriously interested, please PM me and we can discuss. Price is not important to me, as I am more interested in making sure these uncommon, CH babies go to good, experienced homes. My last statement is not an invitation to send me a message saying, "I'll giv u $100 4 all."

I live in Ottawa, but travel to Toronto and Montreal often enough. With the current weather, I would prefer to not risk shipping. I would be willing to travel (within reason) to meet serious chammers.

Feel free to PM me.

Drew :)


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