Crickets: How Often and How Many?

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by Pufferpuggirl, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Pufferpuggirl

    Pufferpuggirl New Member

    Okay, I've got a Veiled chameleon that's approximately 4 months old. Before getting my Veiled, I'd only had experience with pygmy chameleons, and before that I'd never had any reptile ever. So obviously my experience is very limited with chameleons. I have had very good luck with my pygmies, even to the point where eggs have hatched and I now have 2 baby pygmies.

    But my question is in regards to my Veiled. I've been "winging it" since I got Ziggy (my Veiled) and feeding him a few crickets once a day, dusting them each time I feed. Thing is, Ziggy is growing and he's twice the size he was when I got him. I need to know if I should be feeding him more, and more than once a day.
    Right now I feed him about noon time and usually give him 4-5 small to medium crickets. I've just gotten more medium ones because I think Ziggy is getting too big for the small size.
    Should I be giving Ziggy a 2nd feeding later in the day or leave it as is? Also, at what age do I stop dusting every feeding, or is that something that I will continue to do until he's more than a year old?
    Sorry to be so ignorant. I did actually buy a book, but it was very general in the information it provided, besides I would much rather get advice from people who actually have experience with chameleons.

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    First of all what supplement are you dusting with? You should have 3 supplements: calcium w/d3, calcium w/0 d3 and a multi vitamin. You should be dusting every feeding with the calcium w/d3 everyday and then twice a month on the calcium w/d3 and and multi once or twice a month even when they get to be adults. You could skip a few days on the calcium w/0 d3 when they get older. As far as the amount that could eat alot more than that.I was feeding my cham at that age anywhere between 12-20 1/4 inch crickets. I dont know how big yours are. The body of the cricket should be no bigger than the span between your chamelons eyes. If they are, then they are too big and they could choke. At that age I fed mine once a day and a treat like a worm in the afternoon. Do not feed late before they go to bed, they need time to get heat and light to digest their food. Do not leave crickets in the cage if you let them free range because they can bite your chameleon at night. Remove them if they are not eaten. Hope this helps!!
  3. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    oops! typo! Everyday calcium W/0 D3! Sorry!
  4. Pufferpuggirl

    Pufferpuggirl New Member

    I'm not sure what's in it, but I'm using Nutrobal, and my understanding was that it's a multi-vitamin with calcium ... not sure about the d3 bit though. I will have to look into this a bit more.
    Although from what you're saying, I should be giving Ziggy much more to eat. But you still think only once a day? And feeding him around noon is good? I turn on his lights around 10.30-11am and off between 10-10.30pm, and I definitely don't feed him before lights out. I also keep the crickets in a container, they are not free-roaming, and I will probably keep that up until he's much bigger and able to get around in the viv better.
    The poor little guy, now I feel badly thinking that I've not taken care of him correctly and not given him enough to eat.
    In a way, I blame the shop I got him from. Don't you think they should provide new owners with a care sheet? Getting information out of that shop was like pulling teeth, they didn't offer up anything that's for sure.
    Thank you for your help, much appreciated.
  5. Symbiot

    Symbiot New Member

    You need a calcium without D3 powder supplement such as Repcal and that will be the main supplement you will giving your chameleon most often. Giving your chameleon a multi-vitamin supplement everyday like you are doing now isn't really good for him. Like Carol said, you will also need a calcium with D3 supplement powder you will dust the crickets with twice a month, then finally the miltivitamin powder which you already have twice a month also. Mist him 2-4 times a day and set up a dripper if you'd like and he should be set.
  6. Pufferpuggirl

    Pufferpuggirl New Member

    Okay, so let me get this straight, I will need a calcium supplement without D3 and I will be using that every day?
    Then I will need a calcium supplement with D3 to give him twice a month, and finally I will be using my multi-vitamin powder twice a month.
    Is that correct?
    I'm already misting ... and he seems fine in every other way, he's growing and looks good.

    But when the shop asked me if I had a supplement, I told them what I've got (what I use for my pygmies) and they said that was fine. I didn't know ... seems like they should have told me. Again, a care sheet would have been nice for us newbie owners.

    Thanks to both of you for your help. ;)
  7. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    You will learnt this:! rule #1~Do not listen to the pet shops! Yes, they sell us pets and may be educated in some areas but not when it comes to chameleons it seems. If we followed their directions all our chams would be dead! Like I said, if your crickets are around 1/4 inch(and they should be) feed him about 15 a day.
  8. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    Please tell me what kind of lighting you are using? You should have two lights in the cage, one for basking and one for UVB. Noon is ok but I usually feed mine in the a.m. Just no late evening feedings as you are aware. The lighting is very important for you chameleons health! Certain UVB coil bulb can cause eye issues.
  9. Pufferpuggirl

    Pufferpuggirl New Member

    I do have 2 bulbs in there, one is a UVB and the other is a basking. Both are from the Exo-Terra range and I bought them after reviewing some chameleon sites (can't remember which ones at this moment).
    Maybe I will start feeding Ziggy earlier.
  10. petkel

    petkel New Member

    Hi pufferpuggirl..How are your newborns getting along? How old are they now? i didnt buy the pygmys like i said i was :( the pet shop let me down so i went and brought some low white piebald yemens a breeding pair too:) you can check out the general area and look at the pics i posted if you should put some pics your self up here too of the pygmys and the yemen :) my ones are 7 weeks old at the if i am speaking to you like i have spoken to you before and have no idea of who the hell i am lol..i have spoken to you on the pygmy chameleon forum..hope to see your pics soon..
  11. Pufferpuggirl

    Pufferpuggirl New Member

    Hey petkel ... good to hear from you. The babies are 2 weeks old today, and doing really well. They are moving around, eating and drinking as normal. So cute too!
    I'm sorry the pet shop let you down, that happens. I think I will probably end up selling my babies when they are older. I don't want to put the same bloodline into the bigger vivarium and have them interbreed. But I think I will need to keep them until they are a few months old before I find homes for them.
    Yemens are nice chameleons. I am loving having my Ziggy, he is so interesting. Totally different from my pygmies, but very cool all the same.
    I will post some pics, just need to get the time to do it. I'm not very good with computers and doing things like that. Where did you post your pics at?
  12. Silkyslim

    Silkyslim New Member

    For online photo posting you have to set up an account through PhotoBucket or Image Shack (the one I use). Both allow you to upload photos from your computer online. Then there is URL links under the pics you uploaded that you can paste around the intrawebz to your liking thus linking your photos.

    At first I was a little confused but a little reading on the website and some trial and error and I was able to get it in a few hours, it really is easy.

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