Cricket's got a new home... too big??


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Hey all ^_^ I haven't been around for a while because of exams.

Today we bought Cricket a new cage- it's a Flexarium (the snap-together frame and zipper mesh.) It's AWESOME, and when we get the chance we are also going to go out to the greenhouse (it's about a half hour away) and get him some plants. for now, we've just got his bio-vines and a bunch of fake vines strung up in there to keep him happy until we go get some real ones.

Now, I have a few questions that I hope you all can help me with. The way we had Cricket before was in an Exo-Terra GLASS terrarium... and it was like 18x18x36. We took one of the glass doors off and replaced it with screen. He WAS, however, out of his cage a lot because we had a setup of vines and leaves at the ceiling for him to climb around on, and he was pretty healthy and showing no signs of stress. We just moved his heating and UV lamps close to wherever he was, whether on his ceiling perch, on one of the houseplants, or in his cage.

Now THIS cage is like... 2.5 ft x 2.5 ft x 4ft... big enough for me to comfortably sit down in. It comes up to my chin. It's GIANT. 175 gal. So here are my questions:

1. Should I invest in another UV light? We have an 18 inch long bar one, but that only covers one corner of this gigantic cage. Cost is no issue when it comes to my little baby, so be honest. Do you think it's best to get another?

2. We have a 100w um... I think it's ReptiSun... I'll have to go get the box later, we always buy the same kind, I just recognize the colours... heat bulb. We always just used to place it directly on the top of the cage and just always kept his basking perches a sufficient distance away. But will it melt this material if we do the same? (For those of you who are familiar with the Flexarium.)

3. This is how I'm probably going to go about feeding him in this new cage... I have a tall plastic container (it's about 8in deep) that I have securely hung below two crossed branches with wire, easy for him to access. It's deep enough that crickets cannot jump out but it's fine for him to eat out of (I've fed him out of it before, by hand.) We also have a smaller cup that fits just inside the top for if we want to feed him superworms. It just seems the easiest and the cleanest. He prefers to eat out of a cup anyway. Does this sound fine? (We gutload and keep our crickets in a seperate container, I mean just for feeding, toss a little bit of carrot in there to keep the crickets happy until he eats them, y'know.)

4. And lastly... this cage is giant, as I said, and he is... not that big. I mean, he's normal, I guess. I'd say 7 inches from nose to base of tail. He's a male veiled. Would you say this is a little TOO big for him? He seems quite happy with it, but I just want to make sure it's not a bad idea to put him into this big giant enclosure suddenly.

I appreciate the feedback!
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Your cham should seek out its UVB . If you see him spending time under the UVB lamp, then I would assume it is enough. If he is constantly under it , you may need to replace the bulb. BTW, be sure that there is no plastic or glass lens over the lamp. Regarding the 18" size, it should be good.

The basking lamp should be elevated a bit from the surface of the suntac fabric. It can melt.

The cup method of feeding is not my favourite method, but it does work well. Be sure to use a solid colour plastic cup. Transparent ones can cause stress as some chams try to shot their tongues against the sides.

I generally judge cage size by the success a cham has in finding water, food and light( both UVB and basking). If it can accomplish that , then the size is fine.


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Alright, that helps ^_^

He seems to be doing fine... knows where his food cup is, and was drinking. I was just concerned about the UV thing mainly.

As for the cup feeding, I'll at least try it for now, just because he's used to it. I'm leary of having crickets running wild in that cage... plus if they're in a cup I know that they are eating the food I give them and not any new poops he might have dropped. It's not a clear cup though.

I was just concerned that going from a small cage to a huge one might stress him, but he seems okay. Then again, he wasn't always in his smaller cage, he was often out in the open air, so maybe he's used to it.

He's a happy green and prowling around his vines right now. I left the zipper open for a while and he didn't even bother trying to come out. I think he likes it!
Here is a picture of my 175gal next to my 38gal. I have since moved both cages onto stands that are setup to drain the water away.



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Lovely setup Summoner! Apple I don't have a flextray yet, we're gonna get one once the shipment comes in to the store- they didn't have one that would fit the 175 gal. Right now I have a thick pile of newspapers down (we have a hard floor) and we're doing the "bucket with a screen under the dripper" method. As for misting, most of it is getting into the plants (the Boy got some this morning) and what little is left goes onto the newspaper.


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Hey there mintglow I just peronal messaged you , i also live in Orillia just saying hey to a fellow cham keeper
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