crickets eating foam.


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Last night I cut up some foam egg cartons and put them into my cricket box. Then later on when I went to ceck on them, I noticed that they chewed holes into all of them:eek: I immediatly took out the foam cartons and put in some cardboard. They're was a couple of dead crickets as a result. They probably exploded from eating the foam. I'm gonna wait a while before I feed these crickets to my cham now. I don't want her eating foam. I was thinking of putting in a foam wall in my new cham cage that I'm designing. But what if the crickets eat that too. Has anyone had that happen to them with their exo terra cages?
oh my god crickets will eat anything. My crickets have eaten some of my fake plants and the polystyrene in my friends tank. They just eat whatever they can, such savages. lol.

I wouldnt feed them to my cham either, foam cant be good for them!
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