Crickets & Ants

Frank Castle

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I recieved a shipment of Crickets yesterday that was infested with ants. I am not sure if the ants got in it during shipping or at my door step. We dont really have ants around the house so I am thinking they were picked up with shipping. There had to be over 1000 ants in this box. My brother brought the box in the house when the mail came. When I got home they were all over the place. I took the box out side and opened it and got what crickets I could out.

Has anyone ever had this issue. Any recomendations for the future, if this happens again. I had a lot of escapeies last night in that I didnt want to dump the box with the ants into my keeper.

I had a problem with ants at the beginning of summer. They were getting into my keepers and killing my crickets. I would complain to the company and maybe even the shipper. I would think if it happened at your house you would have noticed them especially with that many already in the box.
That is what I was thinking. I have been at a couple shipping places and noticed ants in substantional numbers.
I have been keeping my crickets outdoors and recently they were infested by ants. One way of getting around this is to elevate your cricket box on stands above a "sea of vegetable oil". You can use a deep plate or pan to contain the oil and then place the stand in the middle so as to create a boundary from the enclosure. I haven't found an ant yet that likes swimming in oil!
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