cricket seize question


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quick question on the seize of crickets.
ok so i have been getting crickets at the petstore and i always ask for the smallest seize but as im sure you all know you get some big guys in there also. i have just been putting them in the cage for my cham and he has been taking them like a cham no problem?
is this safe? can it hurt him at all?(besides possibly getting him fat)
but i am talking like digestive/choking..etc
If you are comfortable with him eating them that size I wouldn't worry, as long as the feeder isn't wider than the space between the cham's eyes and he isn't showing signs of difficulty swallowing.
The only problem with free ranging the crickets is if you don't know if he ate them all they could hide and come out at night and possibly nip at your chameleon while he is sleeping. If you are going to do that, either put a couple in at a time and watch him eat those, and then add some more and so on. You can always throw a piece of fruit in the bottom of the cage at night to see if it will attract any loose cricks and remove them then that way. Best is to not let the crickets roam the cage at night if not eaten.
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