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I'm curious if anyone uses cat litter in their cricket boxes?
I currently do not but the smell of the nasty buggers has me scrubbing each week. I also do not exceed 60 crickets at a time.

Anyone have an opinion on how to keep the smell down let me know? I already use fruits and such in their gutload. I also change the eggcrate/cardboard every two weeks.
I would definitely not suggest using kitty litter. The crickets will eat the litter, which is impregnated with all kinds of chemicals. If it doesn't kill the crickets eating them I still would not want any of those chemicals to be ingested by my chams!

Ventilation helps a lot with cricket smell. I kept them in a critter keep at first when I kept about that many and the smell was always terrible. Now that I keep several hundred at a time I use this set up (plastic bin was like a dollar at walmart):


Having ventilation on the sides so there's actual airflow from top to bottom really helps with the smell, and it helps keep them alive longer. I crudely cut out the holes in the sides and top and hotglued aluminum screen over the holes (they eat through the fiberglass screen) and I don't hardly ever have a problem with the smell anymore. Clean out any dead crickets asap as those are what cause the most stink.
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The entire lid is cut with a screen hotglued down to it. Should I add more vents perhaps to the sides?? I can post pictures when I get home if need be.

I was worried about them eatting it. Lol which is why I'm asking around. Seeing what everyone else does.

I would put them outside but it is such a pain not to have them near my chameleons cage.
Keep them clean and tidy. One full egg crate should do for 60 cricks id actually rip it in half last longer.I use 2 per 500 and Change it out more than once every 2 weeks though. Shouldnt take much time or effort. If well ventilated, and cleaned up frequently and no moisture build up there should be relatively no smell unless your sticking your face in there. Only feed enough that will be eaten and not rot quickly as well.

I have no idea where you got the idea of litter but it justs sounds like a not a good option for neutralizing smell from your chameleons food. Keep them healthy by maintaing food yea its a pain in the ass some times.

My fav way of keeping them now is big plastic tote. No lid, tall enough for no jumpers. Lined the bottom with newspaper or paper towel add 2 full egg crates some potatoes and dry gut load.That Is my standard bin. Then I have a gutload bin as well that is fed healthier with more hydration. Also best way to clean up is have 2 bins so you can transfer then clean and have ready for the next. Hard to clean bin full of crickets some times
My cricket population is always a 2000+. So I understand your problem. I just keep it as clean as I can. And I have found going with a dry gutload (home made orgainic) ONCE a week over the fresh veggis and fruits, helps cut down the smell and let them air out for a day. Also well ventilated always helps. But I keep my crickets in a cabnet under my chams so the room wont smell so bad. But I also cut a hole out of the back cabinet for air exchange. But for sure dont use kitty litter.
I do not think I could sleep at night knowing that there was 2000+ crickets in my house lol

Thanks for the help! I will add some more holes and switch out the eggcrates every week instead of every two.
2000+ crickets is not the only thing that will make you think all night. I have a HUGE colony of Dubia's, silkworms, hornworms, butterworms, superworms, redrunners, praying mantis, grasshoppers. I think thats all. (maybe);)
I have crickets, super-worms, mealworms, and silkworms. - I would love butterworms and hornworms but my chameleon is too small still. I could not do roaches, I'd cry just walking by their container.

My roommate likes to hold the silkworms and walks around with them on her fingers. It's a bit annoying when she wants to keep one or three.
Hornworms start out small just like silkys. But they grow faster than a weed. So you could get a small amount and fed them off really fast before they get huge.
I haven't come across anyone selling any smaller hornworms. I could just be looking in the wrong place.

Do you know of anyone? Or a good site to order from.
just had to add my opinion ;) i use the silica(crystal) cat litter in my cricket bin and never had any issues due to illness with any of my chams..i have never witnessed my crix feeding on the litter and it helps tremendously with odor,i do like "ferretinmyshoes" setup though and appreciate the advice this person gave..i only am adding my opinion and not trying to step on any toes :eek: but to my knowledge and experience i have never had any problems :)
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