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I'm wondering what's the best way to get the crickets out of their container to feed to my cham without losing them. I am feeding my 3 month chan 2 week crickets but when i try to get them out to put them in the feeder cup, it's hard not to lose them in my house. I managed but just wondering what some of you are doing out there.

Try to feed all crickets by using a cup/container. Having loose crickets is a pain, especially since you SHOULD remove them before it gets too late for your chameleon to still be munching on food.

The benefits of cup/container feeding crickets are great. Count the intake, clean up is possible without time consumption, and you can let them continue eating their gut load by putting a small amount in there with them.

Steve's advice is golden. 32 ounce deli cups are ideal, especially for dusting. I'm assuming you do what we all do and provide your crickets egg crates or some sort of hiding material? Knock em out and get them in that cup, easy.
I like to use a tolit paper roll, I let them crawl in there and then shake them into my 32 oz deli cup, then I use my forceps to grab one and drop them in like that.
I too use toilet paper rolls to let them hide in then just pick those up and shake them out into the cage. It works for both free range and cup feeding for me. I dust in plastic bags and let them crawl out...might try the cups next time though, that's a good idea.
i bought a small cricket keeper from my local pet shop it has tubes that are removable so you can just pull out the tube and shake a few crickets out. I shake them into a small plastic container to dust them and then just give em to my little guy. It holds about 50 med size crickets has a small door so you can feed your crickets and a removable lid for cleaning. I believe it cost about $25cdn and there was also a larger version. I really enjoy it.
I just grab them, drop them in a crystal light tube thing which is what i dust them in, grab them again and throw them in. They're not really gross if that's the concern... of course have to wash hands after, but while you're already messin with reptiles a few crickets arent so bad. I rarely lose any by just grabbing them
I cut their hind legs off... IMG_2262.jpg



IMG_2267.jpg :)
Toilet paper or paper towel tubes are good. I also sandpaper halfway up the end walls of a 20 gallon rubbermaid storage container that I keep the crickets in. This roughened sourface on the walls allows them to run up the end walls when disturbed, and then they are easy to catch with a plastic cup- could just run the cup along the wall and they hop in.

I mostly use roaches nowadays, but I have decided to start breeding crickets again for the lizards. Probably brown house and black field crickets after next summer when I can collect them. "Dirty jobs" did a show on ghann's cricket farm that got me all excited about it. Pretty good show- revealed most of how they do it there, including how they pick them up...
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I keep all my crix in a small glass tank with egg cartons and toilet rolls and feed them scraps of veg. when I want to get them out i just pick up the egg carton or toilet roll and flick them into a small plastic tub which i use to dust and add specific gutload, I keep these in there for 24 hours and then just pour them into his feeding cup when its time for him to eat.
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