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Im starting to buy crickets in large quantities (im sure not as big as some people on here) but i need a way to keep them in my room and not have them alll get out and preferably keep my mortality rate down.

Post pics/ideas of whats worked for you. Ive got worms down, but they are easy and escape idiots
What I did is use a 10 gallon tank with a screen cover and use that same egg carton that comes with the crickets . Works great for me I have over 1000 crickets in there with no problem
i bought an old 40 gallon hexagonal glass aquarium off of craigslist for 20 bucks. Its tall - theres no way they can get out. i put a bunch of fruits and veggies in there to gut load, plus the oranges keep it smelling good. I keep anything cardboard and throw it in there. i buy 150 crickets on sundays and they last me through the week. switch out the cardboard every week, fruit when it looks bad...crickets happy, cham happy, im happy
I use a zoo med 12 x 12 terrrium and keep it clean,fresh water gel and fruits and veggies myself and have no problems. I use Tp rolls and change em out every few weeks or so.
I use the big plastic totes from home depot ($5) and dont have any escapees. The taller the better. If I am breeding the crix I put heat on the bottom, otherwise, i just keep them in the cham room on the floor and they seem to thrive as long as they are fed dry and wet gutload. The pic is of my dubia colony but the plastic tote is the same for crickets. Just hotglue some alum or pet screen over a hole in the lid for ventilation and your set.
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I order about 500 at a time and this setup works until they're all fed off (usually taking at least a month). Have almost no mortalities because it has good ventilation and egg crates to prevent crowding. It's just a plastic bin from walmart that I crudely made windows in with a large knife (and almost lost a few fingers in the process) and hotglued screen over them. Use metal screen though or the crickets will eat through it and be everywhere! Just toss in greens and dry gutload and they clean it up in no time. Have a little bottle lid with water gel cubes in it. If you're keeping them in your room I'd order smaller than you need because you don't want a ton of chirping crickets next to your bed when you sleep! :)

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wow, and i thought i wasnt giving my 100 a week enough room.

i keep the adult crickets ( 100 ) in a 45gal tank and the uncountable babys in a 20, and worms will be in a 10.
screen tops
toilet paper rolls and paper towls rolls
lil dish with dirt for eggs
egg carton and moss around the dirt dish for the babys to hide if i forget to switch the dirt dish with a fresh one before eggs hatch.

for water i use one of them worm cups u get them in with 1 side cut all the way down and stuff it with paper towls then mist daily. change every few days.

put dry food on the egg cartons and wet food along the side.

as long as they have room, heat, food, water they will be happy and so will what ever eats them.
for me thats 6 res turtles, 1 bearded dragon, 1 cham, 4 frogs, and sometimes me
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