Cricket Crack & Other Pre-Made Gutloads?

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by AZJ0SH, Aug 25, 2011.

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    Do they work in replacement to fruits/veggies or are they just a supplement?

    I am trying to find better gutloading options, right now I am just using kale, carrots, oranges, and flukers orange cubes. Would be nice to just use a single gutload daily, but then who said keeping chameleons is easy work? lol
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    We've talked about gutloading a lot lately on your threads but you're still not quite doing it right. Kale has a lot of oxalates, which bind up calcium so your cham can't use it. Oranges are okay, not great because they lack much nutrient value, and carrots are moderately high in oxalates too, so they're not doing you many favors unless you have a good balanced gutload. The dark leafy greens are essential because they have a good calcium to phosphorus ratio and you have to be mindful of those with high oxalates, like kale, or goitrogens.

    Good Wet Gutloading Ingredients: dandelion leaves, collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens, escarole lettuce, butternut squash, carrots, mango, alfalfa sprouts, oranges, blueberries, raspberries, sweet potato, strawberries, hibiscus leaves and flowers, papaya

    Good Dry Gutload Ingredients: bee pollen, alfalfa powder, kelp powder, brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, raw uncooked sunflower seeds, raw uncooked pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, small amounts of whole grain cereals, spirulina algae, tortoise pellets

    This chart tells you which ones to use as staples or just occasionally. Sandracham also has a recipe for making dry mix so you could do it yourself and make a big batch once and use it for a really long time.

    The powdered varieties available are great, but you should always have fresh fruits and veggies as gutload as well for a well rounded, balanced vitamin and mineral variety to keep your cham healthy.

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    I don't see any reason for you to be rude about this, saying "again" and boding statements was a little out there.

    So why do companies, like the one above, sell premade gutloads if they don't work as advertised? You said Sandracham has a recipe for a dry mix, so what's the difference between that and what this company sells?

    I guess I am going back to mustard greens for now, yet another trip to the grocery store this week just for Ziggy. I really wish I could just get the correct information from the start and not be misled.

    I can't tell if some members juse overreact when it comes to gutloading, and if it really makes any difference. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what is proper gut-loading. I can't imagine most members here keep bee pollen and or alfalfa powder onhand.
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    Sorry but it seems like I've commented with the same answers multiple times on your threads. It can be a little frustrating to give good advice and watch people continue to ask the same question (not just you).

    Kale is okay in moderation, but as your sole nutrient base it does have a lot of oxalates, which can cause problems. If you're rotating greens regularly then it is fine. You didn't mention that you are alternating greens. So it's okay if you don't use it very often, and it's better if you have other fruits and veggies that you're using with higher nutrient vale.

    I didn't say anything about gutloads mixes not working. They're just not meant to be the sole and only gutload. Some of them may be used that way, but it is so much better to supplement it with fresh produce for a good variety of nutrients and vitamins. Bugs eat a lot of plants in the wild so you're trying to simulate that in your captive setting. You could eat chicken every day for every meal and live on it, but you would want to add in red meat or fish occasionally and veggies for a balanced meal. Same idea here.

    Sandracham's recipe is there for anyone to use it so you can make your own instead of purchasing off a site. They all have different recipes with different ingredients and ratios. There isn't necessarily one correct way to make it so I was pointing out an option in case you wanted to make it yourself.
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    My plan is to use a few (2-3) different types of gutload options each week, and switch to a different gutload the next week. This should help cut down on costs and give a variety to the crix.

    Some of the items you mentioned (wet and dry) I have never seen in stores, such as dandelion leaves, alfalfa powder, bee pollen, etc. Where do you find stuff like that?

    This week I plan on finishing off the kale, and adding in some mustard or collard greens, sweet potatoes, and some raw sunflower seeds, along with some of the flukers dry food and orange cubes for balance.
  8. ferretinmyshoes

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    That is a good plan. :)
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    I make my own gutload. Some or most of the items that Ferret mentioned can be ordered online from various sources. I'll warn you, it can be a little expensive based on the quantities you get, but you typically have enough ingredients to make enough gut load to last you for a looooonnnnngggg time. I breed my own crickets to a certain degree, and this last batch of gutload I made in October of last year and I still have enough of to last me probably another 5-6 months. I order my ingredients from You can get the uncommon items such as spirulina, bee pollen, and kelp powder there. They have a very long list of good items for gut loads. Look at some of Sandrachameleon's blogs for ingredients lists and then compare it with Bulkfoods list. You'll find alot if not most or all of them there. Most of the items are rather pricey, and of course the larger the quantity you buy, the cheaper in the long run it will be, but it is still going to be an investment in itself initially. I have never ordered a premade gutload, I have always made my own, so you may want to just get an average of what you think you'll spend on a dry/powdered gut load in a given month or year, and compare it to what you'll spend ordering these items in relation to how much gut load the quantities you order will make you and how long it will last you. Keep in mind as Ferret mentioned, this is just pertaining to dry gut load- you'll need to have fruits and vegetables along with it regardless. Good luck.
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    Yes you can use cricket crack and or bug burger to feed to your crix, just switch it up with your fruits and veggies.... They are good and the crux go crazy for it..... Sometimes I put some cricket crack and pit an orange for hydration .... hope this answers your question..... These two aren't bad to use and might helP greatly to giving a well rounded diet
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    I use Kricket Feast sold at Chamalot Chameleons! Its a great price and my crickets LOVE it. It has 35+ ingredients!
  12. SSimsswiSS

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    You have the color orange covered.

    Cricket crack is a dry food, that needs to be used with a water/moisture source. Via veggies and fruit, or water crystals, or wet paper towels. The orange cubes your using is a moisture source. And it is still very important to calcium dust the crickets right before feeding too.

    Variety is best! I contantly change the water/moisture source. Butternut squash and apple slices one week, mulberry and dandelion leaves the next, orange and mustard greens, etc, etc.
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    dandelion leaves and flowers can be found growing out of city streets..if you go to a nice field away from people you can collect a large grocery bag of them mist them and throw em in the for alfalfa powders..pets shops have pellets (for rabbits and all those other common rodents) for bee pollen health food stores carry it..its good for humans for like on top of a salad..not to mention they carry practically evey seed or nut raw there..when i make my gutload for the crix..its once every other day they get a plate of fresh mix, otherwise they have the dry gut load to nibble at..

    i think someone needs to invent a secondary gutload

    one that say you add water too and its all say freeze dried greens?? or maybe just frozen..easy way to give water to the crix too that way??

    someone invent it soon, cause im sick of feeding crickets like they are pets..i swear they eat better than i do..LOL
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    Repashy has hydraload and bug burger to some degree what you are asking for.

    I do not work for them in any way!!

    I have used cricket crack and now make my own....My only gripe about CC is that it has a LOT of beans.
  15. sdheli420

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    ive thought about it..but still have a lil bit of mixed thoughts about the repashy the superhatch tho..seems to for the bug burger i have thought about it..but its still just a secondary to actual greens from what ive heard..i want to be able to dish out one spoonfull of dry, one spoonful of wet..done..( im sure im askin alot tho) LOL
  16. Allen Repashy

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    It was actually designed to be the exclusive source of food. It contains dried fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, greens, flowers, algae, vitamins, carotenoids.

    When I reformulated the product to reduce the protein levels a couple months ago, I added a lot of new ingredients that aren't on the label yet. The new labels are at the printer. There are now more than 50 ingredients in the product.

    All of the fruits, vegetables, flowers, and greens are dehydrated

    New formula Changes

    Removed ingredients:

    Pea Protein Isolate,
    Whole Wheat Flour (it made the gel a little sticky and I really don't like gluten for a lot of reasons)

    Added ingredients:

    Stabilized Rice Bran
    Germinated Brown Rice
    Dandelion Greens.
    Dried Fig
    Dried Date

    As far as one spoonful of dry and one spoonful of wet, it is actually simpler than that.... one spoonful of gel provides both.

    Side note, I am trying to be helpful here and answer questions. As a manufacturer, I know I walk a fine line between my contributions being called advertising, so hopefully when I make a post in response to my product, it will be considered useful information and not just me pimping my stuff.

  17. clarkrw3

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    While some might label it advertising I find it refreshing that someone that makes a product and has put a lot of research into a product would come on a forum and answer questions. It is always better to hear things from the source rather than read conjecture and hearsay.

    Also there are hundreds of reptile forums and for you to take time out of your busy day to answer questions here can, in my opinion, only be commended.
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  18. suzi

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    I second that motion and will be switching to your product :)
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    dont need to this gut load has everything you need in it dont even have to give them water.
  20. heartben

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    i just made some bug burger... weird. now im wondering which version of the stuff i have..hmm.

    i dont think you posting about your stuff is a bad thing at all, especially since you arent really trying to sell is stuff directly. i appreciate any and all factual information and youd know the most about your own stuff!

    on a side note if you happen to come back : do you make your stuff smell good on purpose or is that just a happy accident? calcium plus smells awesome and bug burger doesnt smell NEARLY as gross as i thought it would ... then CGD also smells darn good. so far those are the only products ive had from you but im guessing its a trend throughout most of your stuff. :)

    btw - i use a few kinds of dry food (cricket crack and some stuff from premium crickets just to feed them masses cheaper) with water crystals and bug burger - and the roaches love the oranges so i throw them in as well. i have had a hard time trying to find dandelion greens and butternut squash and stuff like that and i seem to forget the other good stuff every time i go looking and end up bringing home the "bad" stuff. hah. im going to have to figure something out with the oranges (which i dont even use regularly) because ive been noticed a few fruit flys here and there and its really annoying!

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