Cricket breeding?


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I am going to start breeding crickets soon.

Heres what i've got
25 watt heat lamp
5 1/5 gallon tank
clementines, lettuce, tomatoes for gutloading
water in damp paper towel
2 egg cartons for hiding

How many crickets should i start with?
Is the setup i have okay, if not, please tell me!
Any tips would be wonderful!
This article might help you...

I feed mine a wide variety of greens (dandelion greens, collards, endive, ROMAINE lettuce, kale, mustard greens, etc.) and veggies (sweet potato, white potato, carrots, squash, etc.). I never use regular head lettuce because there are better choices. You want your crickets to be a good diet is important!

Thanks, do you breed your own crickets? If yes, then how many should i buy?
I don't breed crickets for my chameleons. I do have a prehensile tailed anole set-up that has them breeding in on their own (and a turtle (land not water) that has superworms breeding in it on their own).

I haven't had to add a cricket to the anole tank in several years. When there get to be quite a few in the cage, I simply let the substrate dry out and the eggs won't hatch. When the number goes down, I moisten the substrate again. The anoles get a wide variety of greens, veggies and fruit that is dusted with calcium and that feeds the crickets too.
No Tomatoes

I have read, from more than one source, that tomatoes are a bad choice for gutloading. They contain something that is possibly bad for chameleons. I don't remember specifics, only noted that I would stay away from using this fruit for gutloading.
I add crushed catfood and a little cooked egg yolk to my crickets diet.
-Brad Ramsey
yeah.............I havent gotten any luck with my crickets breeding at all.........not a single pinhead to be found.
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