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  1. Gotti

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    To start I think I'm going to get a pair of cresties today:) i had a few questions, can they eat pretty much all the stuff my Cham eats in addition to crestie food. But my main question is there husbandry. Is height more important than anything else? Should I set up hydro balls on the bottom? Is it like a Cham setup vines rocks and leaves to drink off and hide?
  2. Syn

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    Assuming you're talking about a Rhacodactylus ciliatus and not a Trioceros cristatus (even though you posted in the general forum and not other pets), their care is very different from that of a veiled. They can overheat and shouldn't be left to cook under a basking light. They prefer tall cages, and if it's too dry there, don't use screen.

    What research have you done on crested geckos? Have you checked out Pangeareptile's forums at all?
  3. Gotti

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    Damn MY bad -_-

    But I never said like the care of a veiled just there cage setup with vines to crawl on leaves to drink and such I know they don't NEED light if the tempertures are sufficient.

    But ya I read through a few threads on those forums.

    *Edit* I didn't even see the other reptiles section
  4. Syn

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    No worries, just don't do it again or the moderators will steal your left shoe when you sleep.

    This is research you should have done prior to acquiring a crested gecko - normally there would be a little leeway with that, but... there is SO much information on them, I wouldn't know where to start.

    My apologies for misreading (and somehow adding words), it was early in the morning. Here is a good care guide:
  5. mbondy

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    They're super little creatures, I've only 4 ;)
    Syn gave you some good sites...

    Are you getting an adult or juvie or baby?
    Your size enclosure should be adequate for the size gecko, but yes, height is more important. My guys and gals are in aquariums but you can get some nice exoterra glass enclosures.

    Here are examples of enclosures.

    Now you don't feed your crestie the same like your geckos.
    They need a specific diet, the Crested Gecko Diet. They have quite a few different flavors and have all the supplemental needs in the diet. You can give your crestie some crickets or dubias about once a week properly gutloaded and supplemented.
  6. Gotti

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    I hadn't got them before asking these questions but thank you for the website, I read it over and I just purchased two juvie cresties :)
  7. Syn

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    This is why I can't have nice things, I can't read.
  8. Big Gulp

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    This can't be stressed enough.

    They NEED CGD (Crested Gecko Diet) by Repashy.

    And do not give them baby food.

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