Crested Gecko Babies for sale

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Hey y'all,

I have 3 crestie babies that I will have for sale coming up in a months time. I figured that I'd give this group first crack (even though this is a cham forum).

They are arboreal and have a lot of the same requirements of chams, but they are very personable and are fun to hold and play with.

$175 (each) plus shipping (overnight only)

They are not totally sexable right now, but I think I have 1 male and 2 females. All assorted in color(none plain). Mom and dad are super dalmations from good stock (you can see pictures of them in my gallery), but none of them are dalmations. All hand raised and on T-rex diet.

If you are interested, I have pictures.
I will not ship until they are at least 3 months and ready to go. If you live in Charlotte, NC all vet visits will be free for the first year. For a small deposit, I will hold them for you until they are ready.

Matthew Wheelock
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Matt, congratulations on these! There's no better a reptile vet than a vet that he himself knows the ins and outs of actually keeping reptiles. Congratulations once more.

Have you considered expanding into other reptiles? How about the reptiles in the waiting area idea that we discussed once?


Definitely deal with a lot of them.

These were just a side project. I do word of mouth advertising to make sure that only somewhat experienced herpers buy from me. I also only breed what I think I can sell off responsibly.

I will probably start thinking about some cages for the front of the clinic. Cresties would definitely work out well...

Talk to you later,
A bearded Dragon would do well also, Or uromastyx. If you have a decent amount of space, australian water dragons.

Heck if you want something just to view and watch then a large terrarium with darts frogs/and or pygmy chameleons.
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